Can a man and woman be friends without falling each other???

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9yr ago
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permalink What do you think??? Is that possible???? Can they be friends without falling inlove with each other???

9yr ago
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permalink Its definitely possible. Haven't you seen Will & Grace? Lolz. But seriously, I'm friends with a bunch of women that I will never fall in love with because I'm a homosexual male. But even if the sexual orientations of the two are incompatible, you can still be just friends with the opposite sex. My brother is straight and has a bunch of girls for friends as well actually, but he hasn't fallen for all his girls-for-friends.

9yr ago
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permalink My best friend is a guy and I have known him for almost four years now. I don't think I had ever "fallen in love" with him because of our age difference. but I do love him.
We have more like a brother-sister relationship so don't get it twisted. =D

9yr ago
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permalink I think the closer the guy and gal get the more it will seem/ or feel like they are falling for one another, but if the time is taken to seriously look at the relationship and feelings present then they may realize that they just have a very close relationship, ie brother-sister relationship.
I know I thought I liked all my guy friends at one time :oops: . I now realize it is just how I get before I can feel really close to them or allow myself to actually open up.

9yr ago
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permalink i think it's possible, but most of the time it's not. they will eventually find out they love eahother and begin to date, but then they eventually break up and date other ppl, but then they stay friends. it goes in a circle LOL

9yr ago
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permalink of course~~~ if you treat each other as a brother or sister~ that's definitely possible~

well actually that's up to the person~ either way is possible ne>>>?

9yr ago
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permalink based on my experience it's possible...

most of my bestfriends are male. My childhood best friend (neighbor, we're really close... everyone in the neighborhood thought that we will become lovers but it didn't happened. I didn't fall for him even he grew up tall, dark and handsome and he's so intelligent... we just end up being close when i turned 20 and had my boyfriend.

my grade school and high school best friends belong to the Popular students in school but we really end up as friends, up to now we're still close and hang-out with each other even they are married. They're like brothers to me and i am their little sister.

It doesn't mean that i am not attractive or they are not attractive... these 3 men who became my closest friends are really good looking but to be honest, i just love them as my brother and friend nothing more nothing less. We just want our relationship to last forever because we're happy to have each other as friends. We always thought that friendship will last forever even we argue and quarrel in the end our friendship remains... but its seldom that lovers became friends...

9yr ago
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permalink of course they can!! I have a lot of friend that are just friends with each other. And a lot who have a brother sister relationship! Tottaly normal! You only fall for the people who are like you in certain ways! Some of you friends may be and some of might not!:)

9yr ago
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permalink I couldn't agree more because that is totally possible! My best boy friend and I have been friends for as long as we can remember... He is in Canada now and happily married with another person of course!!!! And the best part, we are still friends.... We haven't seen each other for a long time but thanks to internet and technologies and other inventions, we're stil connected.... And during the time that we're still together in one school, a lot of people thought that we're sort of together (more than friends) but when they realized that we're just real good friends, they stopped asking questions about our platonic relationship but they started assuming that we're gonna be together in the end.... But look what happened?! We never did because we didn't fall inlove with each other, we just love each other... :)

So, don't worry, that's possible...

But, it would be good if you both feel the same way... Friendship is a good foundation.... :) :RBstickout:

But we're serious, that's possible... :)

9yr ago
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permalink Yes, it possible...
1 of my best friends is a guy... We are very close... n some ppl hv said that we "love" each other but if u look close enough its never been that kind of "love" i do LOVE him to death (as bro-sis relationship)... but i think is a matter of not confusing feelings. :D

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9yr ago
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permalink yes i think it is possible i have an experience have that same situation

9yr ago
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permalink Of course it's possible. I've had some guy friends and we didn't like each other in that way x3 I used to be their "dating" guru though xD

8yr ago
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permalink i found this at my friend FB but i dont know where she got this:

“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever”!!

and i think its true. :)

8yr ago
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permalink Thats hard but it can be possible.
Have you been in a situation such as that?

8yr ago
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permalink no its utterly impossible lol jk, of course they can :D

8yr ago
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permalink hmm . it's possible, but from my exp , it's hard .
However , i still manage to have lots of guys friends .
Bear in mind , avoid physical contact with them , like touching ( cause sometimes people tend to do that when they are too excited / happy / sad .. etc. ) because this may lead to the other party thinking that u like him/her , once they have this kinda thought , they may either avoid you ( means you may lose your friendship ) or they may change their thought and start to fall in love with you .
i'd met alot of guys friends confessing to me , well , the best way to solve is to smile and laugh , and aim to hint or say that ' we will be good friends forever ' or even better , tell them you have someone in your mind in the first place , so they will not have any feelings for you , i guessed ^^
after you had sucessfully rejected him/her , you MUST try to get MORE closer to him/her , so that he will not feel weird with you around and will slowly change his feelings and thinkings ^^ Thus .. happy ending XD

8yr ago
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permalink @ SASUKEWYNFM:

Have you been in a situation such as that?

My answer is yes. I am person who does not have a lot guy/male friends.he was the first male that i have ever trusted and i felt that he would trust me but it was only me who thought that and fell for him.and he didnt like me and am only a little sister for him.


of course~~~ if you treat each other as a brother or sister~ that's definitely possible~

well actually that's up to the person~ either way is possible ne?

youre right, it is up to the person.but it is hard to be friends with someone who treat you like ur litte sister,when you have feelings for him.

thanks everyone for sharing your experiences and opinions.i would looking for more comments. :)

8yr ago
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permalink I think it's defintely possible. You can be best friends with a guy and not have ANY interest in him at all. He can be like a brother to you. Wouldn't that be awkward to be interested in your brother...? D:

8yr ago
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permalink I can vouch for myself. Actually both sides of this discussion.
I have a friend that I've known since 6th grade, he and I have things in common, but if we were to "get involved" as such we'd probably drive each other crazy. (lol)
Nah, I'm happy for him, he's got a wonderful girlfriend that I dare say she's a perfect fit for him.

However, as I said, I've had both.
I had another "friend" that said he wanted to be friends, yet he wouldn't help but ask things of me that were date/couple related and it bothered me when he only said to be "friends" and he still pulled what he did. Thankfully, he isn't around in my life anymore.

So, to answer you it is possible. I think it more or less depends on the situations you encounter with him/her in your relationship and the dos/don'ts you establish with them.
But that's just my personal opinion :)

8yr ago
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permalink it is possible for a guy and gal to have neutal friendship.

I have few guy friends whom i have been friends for years and we do not like each other in terms of bgr. i personaly think that being friends is much better and more relaxing, as there is no pressure between both parties, to be more intimate, or doing things just to please each other.

8yr ago
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permalink I think being friend is very different from being lovers, in the way that when you are lovers you can stand the person all the way. But, when you are friend you can hate some parts of the personality of your friend.

8yr ago
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permalink I'm really good friends with a guy that I've known for 12 years and I've got no romantic feelings for him at all. I love him to death but it's really more of a sibling thing.

Like some of the others have said, it is possible and it's more common than you would think, it really just depends on the people involved.

8yr ago
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permalink deffinitly :D

8yr ago
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permalink Majority of my friends are women. Its totally possible to be friends. :RBhalo:

8yr ago
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permalink It's possible :D my best friend is a boy and we've known each other for years. He asks me advices about girls and I ask him for advice when it comes to some guy I like.
I only love him as an older brother (he's only 7 months older than me :giggle:) even though many people misunderstand our relationship.


8yr ago
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permalink Ive known my best friend (who is a guy) for 14 years.
I see him as family. He IS my brother and no one can tell me any different.
We have special feelings that arent brother-sister...its impossible to describe but we arent in love, in a romantic way.

8yr ago
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permalink Depends on the people

All the guy friends i'v had, we ended up likeing each other haha.

8yr ago
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permalink why not ?!

8yr ago
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permalink of course it's possible. my best friend is a guy and we spend school days together for 4 1/2 years. but now he left our school (T_T) and sometimes i wish that i fall in love with him just to see him more often...
but man and women could definitely be friends :)

8yr ago
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permalink I think it is very possible to have a platonic relationship with the opposite sex. Just so long friends with benefits doesn't fit in that catagory. Someone is bound to get hurt in that situation.

8yr ago
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permalink I have a guy-friend for 12 yearz now....i can zay it'z possible, but two yearz ago, i found out when we attended a mutual friend'z birthday and he got drunk, he zuddenly told everyone that he really thought of courting me when we were ztill in college. hah! i feel zomething zpecial for him, i think he iz my zoulmate. zomehow, our likez and dizlikez, intereztz, and zometimez with juzt looking at each other we can read each otherz thoughtz and laugh... :D were ztill friendz until now..

5yr ago
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permalink Yeah, I have 2 boy best friends. It depends on the persons involved too.

5yr ago
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permalink yeah... they can.. all u need is keep in ur mind to just stay as friends

5yr ago
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5yr ago
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permalink Yeah of course :)

5yr ago
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permalink Yes! Of course they can! XD

5yr ago
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permalink Yeah but sometimes you may end up liking them in a different way but it depends

5yr ago
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permalink yeah.. i think its possible..

5yr ago
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permalink I think so~ Most of my friends are girls~ Though it's understandable that sometimes if two people of the opposite sex get really close to each other that one of them could fall for their friend or misinterpret the closeness as a romantic one rather than a friendship one~

5yr ago
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permalink yes many situations are like that :)

5yr ago
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permalink For sure. Platonic relationships happen all the time.

5yr ago
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permalink Oh definitely! I have friends that are guys and I feel nothing more than just friendship for them..

5yr ago
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permalink sure why not? i have many freinds that are boys without falling each other

5yr ago
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permalink I think so~! :)

5yr ago
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permalink Well, yes, yes they can ;)

5yr ago
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permalink In my opinion they can

5yr ago
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permalink No. Not mentally, at least. It's psychologically impossible for two people like that to be "just friends" even if you dont want to, the thought WILL come to mind, of what it would be like if you were more than friends. But yes, other than that its possible. I have no interest whatsoever in any of my female friends as I don't see girls as more than a friend to me. :)

5yr ago
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permalink Yes definiately possible

5yr ago
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permalink yeah possible!

5yr ago
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permalink yeah its possible.. i have witnessed one during high school and theyre both my classmate since 1st yr.. and they said they became friends since grades school and their houses are nxt to each other..

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