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1decennia ago
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permalink everyday I can spend my time for listening C-POP :otsu:
:RBheart: MY FAV: :RBheart:
-他的故事 :otsu:
-路一直都 :otsu:
-原谅我 :totallylove:
-收藏 :love:
-疼爱 :otsu:
-和你一样 :totallylove:
-平行线 :love:
:love: ARTIST C-POP :love:
-will peng
-alan luo
-andy lau
-JAY CHOU!!!!! :totallylove: :totallylove: :totallylove:

1decennia ago
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permalink I think C-pop is very nice

1decennia ago
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permalink yeah....i like C-pop too. now i more often listen to K-pop than C-pop but i still listen C-pop such songs by Fahrenheit & Jay Chou ^-^

10yr ago
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permalink yeah i really like kpop too...
cpop is also very awesome i love Rainie Yang :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink [size=9]

I used to be a Japanese luver until I discovered rainie yang and I've been hooked on chinese ever since. I think at the time I started watching "Ranma 1/2" with shampoo (Xian Pu) - which quite literally means "mountain girl" and sounds like shampoo xD And she's from a woman amazon tribe in china so it made me love china. Chinese in general, is such a cute language. I love the fashion, the music, the people, the food, it's all awesome :)
The music is genius.


5yr ago
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permalink Me too! I totally agree!

9yr ago
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permalink c-pop is ok but i still prefer jrock, jpop, kpop. for some reason i just dont rly like listening to cpop

9yr ago
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permalink I like Cpop. I found that many many of them are sooo cute and really touching :D

also Jpop is very interesting. :) :)

9yr ago
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permalink Me!~ I like it!^-^
Esspecially Angela Zhang!!!; 5566 and Rainie Yang and 183Club

9yr ago
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permalink Kekekeke~ I like C-pop too. :)
Jay Chou! :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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permalink c-pop, my life!*.* c-pop has got a lot of ke ai´s songs, wonderful ballads and also songs with great beat!*__* i love love love it! and the lyrics are really beautiful :RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBheart: :RBblush: :D

9yr ago
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permalink i love..
--Wilber Pan
--Rainie Chang
--Jay Chou
--Ambrose Hsu
--Ariel Lin
--SuJu-M (their songs, i mean.. since they're Koreans)

and a the list goes on..

9yr ago
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permalink i love C-pop. especially S.H.E, Guang Liang, and David Tao , their songs really touched my heart

9yr ago
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permalink and Thong hua - Guang Liang! :)

9yr ago
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permalink C-Pop - I Laaaiike! :D
你來自那顆星 - Jason Chan
方大同 - All songs!
Charlene Choi
Anson Hu

& Many moreee~ But these guys are on my highly recommended list :)

9yr ago
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permalink I LOVE:

-Hins Cheung

-Jason Chan

-F4 (JVKV)

-Raymond Lam

-David Tao

-Aaron Kwok

-Julian Cheung
-Leehom Wang
-Wu Zun from Fahrenheit.

9yr ago
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permalink [i][size=9]I like c-pop too.. I love listening to:

-Rainie Yang
-Show Lou
-Elva Hsiao
-7 flowers
-183 Club
and many more..

but i like more of jpop and jrock :D[/size][/i]
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9yr ago
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permalink C-POP REALLY ROCK MY WORLD! XD :high5:

-show luo :love:
-jolin tsai
-rainie yang
-elva hsiao

ahm, guys do you know some website that i can download some mp3 mandarin songs?

8yr ago
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permalink I love cpop even if it is kinda underrated compared to jpop and kpop :RBfrown:
the artists I like are: danson tang, show luo, anson hu, S.H.E, Fahrenheit(Fei Lun Hai), jay chou, janice wei lan, da mouth, and zhang yun jing<3

8yr ago
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permalink C-pop needs to be revitalized. its really not bad once you can seep through the tons and tons of slow ballads.... omo, but but, recently i can't stop listening to it. I just stick to artists like Wang Lee Hom and 海鸣威-老人与海

err this song.

and Tong Hua made me cry when I saw it ;-;

...check out my playlist~~ :D:D:D

8yr ago
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permalink I love Cpop!
I listen to mostly Cpop and Kpop.

I'm super picky about Jpop and ive never been able to like Jrock (but yet I like American metal LOL)

5yr ago
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permalink I recently gt into it and I luv the group Seven Senses

5yr ago
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permalink I adore c-pop and think most of it is better than k-pop... K-pop (and like 75% of j-pop) is over commercialized and basically created to be catchy and sell, while there are a lot of singer-songwriters in c-pop who aren't just trying to get a buck and like to create their own unique music :)

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