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8yr ago
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permalink Recomend your favorite cpop artists. Or those you think others might like.

I like artists like Nan Quan Mama and Sodagreen and Magic Power, F.I.R, ... but its so hard to find information about them... Anyone know more artists like them? :)
i only get to listen to their mv's their other songs are so hard to find....
i think this is more c-rock genre rather than cpop though... :p
i think c-rock is underrated (or whatever we should call this genre xp)

6yr ago
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permalink I wrote something about Taiwanese bands.
And I'll recommend underground bands later.

6yr ago
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permalink Fahrenheit and CiD5 >w<

6yr ago
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permalink Lol right after I read Nan Quan Mama I thought of Jay Chou (since they used to be under him..in his company I think) and also Lara has a somewhat similar music style. Very laidback sort of ...chill....way of singing? Some of Jam Hsiao's rock songs are sort of similar to F.I.R. too

6yr ago
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permalink Fahrenheit... Good songs & personalities...

6yr ago
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permalink EXO-M.

They're the Chinese subgroup of EXO-K (Korean) <3
Their music is so awesome. <3

6yr ago
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permalink I would recommend Show Luo, S.H.E, Danson Tang, Fahrenheit, Vanness Wu :)

6yr ago
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permalink I think his name is Denny Deng Ning or so I only know one of his song

6yr ago
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permalink Fahrenheit, Kimberley Chen, S.H.E

6yr ago
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permalink F4 coz they will have a back to back reunion and concerts to do for sure in the future ^^

5yr ago
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permalink 4EVER band

4yr ago
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permalink Mayday ^^

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