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permalink Yes I am a Star Wars nerd. The vast universe and the unlimited possibilities is all I need. Well not all I need, not like it is my religion. Anyway yeah I have read a few Star Wars books, and I love them. I could always read more, but school is just horrible. Anyway I would like to know of some good ones if anyone here has read them. One of my favorites is called Outbound Flight, really good, if you like Star Wars you better read it. ;)

Anyway yeah, go star wars! :D

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permalink Another fan of Timothy Zahn? :surprised: :boogie:
I haven't read all of the SW books written by him, but I like his style. I love the Thrawn trilogy, even though it's been so long since I've read it... :RBconfused:

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permalink Gosh I love Thrawn, but I haven't read the trilogy. I haven't picked up a Star Wars book in a while, better get back into it. Such a vast universe makes awesome stories. :)

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permalink woo starwars books rule i :RBheart: :RBheart: them :D

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permalink I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I haven't read any Star Wars books yet because I'm trying to find an order of when they happened so I can read them in order, BUT I have read the comic books that are in timeline. Do those count?

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permalink I guess it's a little late for me to post this here, but I may as well for anyone who wants to know. The mainstream part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe (beginning 20 years after the events of [i]Return of the Jedi[/i]) is made up of a succession of four book series (so far): [i]Young Jedi Knights[/i], [i]The New Jedi Order[/i],[i] Legacy of the Force[/i], and there's a new one I forget the name of. If you want to know the specific books, they're all listed on Wikepedia.

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permalink I'm a big Star Wars fan!
I've seen all the books at Chapters and I wanted to buy one, but I never got around to it. >__> I'd love to read one, though. :)

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permalink I love the star wars books and movies. The books give you such more informatio about what on the normal timeline through episodes 1-6. I love the different clone wars stories and jedi exile books. They are so awesome

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permalink I used to read Star Wars all the time! I found that reading the books always was fun because putting them alongside the movies and comics always gave great background to characters (especially background Jedi in the prequels or even Chewie and Han for what happens before A New Hope). I loved Timothy Zahn's books and actually got the honor of meeting him once and talking to him about the books he wrote for Star Wars, it was really interesting since him and other authors have to communicate with each other to keep track of all the characters in the series.

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permalink i'm obsessed with sw since i was about 5 or 6, when i watched the movies for the first time with my dad.
i don't know why, but... i tried to read a few sw books.. without succeeding.
maybe it's the awful work of the translators but here in germany i haven't found even one i liked thoroughly. T_T (excepting comics^^)

4yr ago
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permalink I have read only one Star Wars book, about Darth Maul. [i]Darth Maul. Shadow Hunter[/i]. Action is placed shortly before [i]Star Wars. The Phantom Menace[/i] movie. I like it and for sure read more from Star Wars universe in the future.

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