Black is such a happy color

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6yr ago
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permalink Other people or normal people don't like wearing black dress, or shirts. They didn't know that black is a happy color.

Me, I love color black. It makes me comfortable and confident.
Black is for all types of people:

With Group

Black is a fashion!
Fashion for all people

6yr ago
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permalink Personally i've never understood how one colour is more happy than another
But honestly most people do wear black at some point, so I don't see why they judge others for wearing it

6yr ago
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permalink Black goes with everything. It frames the body nicely.

6yr ago
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permalink Black makes you look thinner :D

5yr ago
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permalink I love black but crimson and dark blue are also beautiful colors.

5yr ago
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permalink Black is practically the only colour I wear XD and red and white
It goes with everything too O_O

5yr ago
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permalink I don't really find any color to be "happy". It's a color. Although black is an almighty color because it can match with anything.

5yr ago
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permalink I love black, is one of my favorite colors, and i love that it matches with anything, and i can use it in nails, hair, etc

5yr ago
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permalink Black isn't a color, it's a tone. :P

Haha just kidding~ I really don't assign colors a mood but I'd feel ridiculously happy if I'm wearing a full-body black ninja garb, though that's got a lot more to do with being a ninja than the 'tone' black XD

5yr ago
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permalink black is my favorite color, i always wear black clothes with white or grey.
this color makes me feel good and confident.
but i wouldn't call it a happy color, because it is commonly associated with death, evil, grief etc.
but i like it for its darkness and elegance, so for me its a happy color.

5yr ago
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permalink Black goes well with almost anything that's why I use it often.
But depending on the weather i don't wear black when it's so hot outside because it absorbs the heat or something :3

4yr ago
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permalink Black and white aren't supposed to be colors which is too bad since I happen to love black. Black is the presence of all colors from the color wheel blended together while white is the absence of them. As an artist I began to love black as a representation of the color wheel. It also looks good on most people.

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