Beta testing for playlists

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permalink We been busy lately improving our favorites section. You always could only add or delete videos that's it. So we thought we could do better :)

For who is it?
It's not ready yet but we will start a beta-testing period. This beta-testing is only for our members who have earned more than 1000 points.

What's the deal?
Let me tell you first what our system does (and doesn't). We wanted to let you create your own playlists and add your favorite videos. Not only videos we have but ALL videos from YouTube, Veoh or Dailymotion. So you can finally make your ultimate J-Pop playlist including lyrics which you can add separately, but also your most funny videos or your own added videos on YouTube. A playlist for every moment of the day or mood. It's your choice.

The playlists can be shared to the whole world and other listeners will be able to comment and rate your playlists. Over a certain period we will make a chart of the best rated playlists created by our users. Of course you also have the problem that some videos stop working, there you will be able to replace your own videos and no one else. You decide if you want to replace it with a higher quality video, a video supporting hard-subs or just to replace the video itself.

The playlists will come with various playing options including the autoplay. The autoplay function will jump to the next video when the current video has finished. This works with the length of the video you gave us when adding videos so if you pause or skip, it won't affect the load time to the next video. This is the best thing we could do. When it's at the last video of the playlist it will jump again to the first video so you are guaranteed of continous playback.

How do I get started?
First of all log in to your account. Then go to "your music" tab. Make sure you favorited some videos. Then create a new playlist. After giving it a name please select the playlist you created and check the videos you want in this playlist by clicking below the numbers you see on the left. When finished selecting your videos click "Move to playlist" at the bottom. Your videos are added to that playlist and you can click on a video that you moved to that playlist. You will be redirected to the playlist playing page. Just click the "Autoplay" button above the video and sit back and relax your best music! :D

You can't edit your playlist name yet, remove videos from your playlist or add any videos from YouTube. We are working on that and several other stuff that still doesn't work.

Is there more?
We will also start a second beta-testing for some kind of MP3 rotation soon. You will be able to upload your favorite songs and it's added to a public playlist which refreshes every week with new uploaded songs. The list will have about 30-50 songs chosen by our visitors! This works on the fly and a little pop-up with our player will show the playlists and of course it does do autoplay ;)

Get your points together to participate on this beta!

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