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7yr ago
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permalink Anyone else read his work? Right now, he's by far my favorite author. I really like the themes and characters he creates in his books ^^ I've read six of his books so far. My favorite is "Dance Dance Dance" and I'm currently reading "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running."

What about you guys? Anyone else out there like his work too? Any favorites? Favorite quotes? Any books by his you're currently reading? Share 'em here! :D

7yr ago
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permalink I love his work. He's an amazing author! He writes like nobody else. I finished "After the quake" today and read some other of his books, Norwegian Wood for example. He is a genius. ♥

7yr ago
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permalink I enjoy his books, too! My favorite is Norwegian Wood.

7yr ago
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permalink 1Q84
Darkly and enigmatic is the new Murakami, rich in allusion and full cross-references. In Japan the book has broken all sales records, more than two million copies were sold from a standing position. It is an interlocking, more than thousand sides strong book which functions at different levels.

6yr ago
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permalink I am a HUGE fan of him!! I actually created a forum here a couple years back and I have no clue where it went lol. But anyways I own all except three of his books. My top 3 favorites would Dance, Dance, Dance, The Wind-up Bird Chronicles, and After Dark.
He is so unique and creative that it's really hard to describe his work to others, all I can say, "It's just something you have to read and discover for yourself." I loved 1Q84 and I can't wait for his next one whenever it comes out.

6yr ago
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permalink I have a set of his works as ebooks but still not read it yet. Maybe soon when I have free time. :)

4yr ago
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permalink My favourite writer :) I read everything that was published in polish (so almost everything he ever written) and want to have all of his books in my home collection.

4yr ago
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permalink I've been meaning to pick up one or two of his books since I always see them at my local book shop, but I'm not sure which ones.

4yr ago
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permalink I was curious about his works too, and Norwegian Wood is one of them, so I got it, but still was not able to read it till now. I will once I got the time.

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