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10yr ago
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permalink I love Fedor Dostoyeski's books and my favorite is Crime and Pushiment :RBheart: (that is surely the most famous of his books too) Do you like his books?What's your favorite?

10yr ago
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permalink When I was in high school I read [i]The Idiot[/i]. I suppose it was alright, I'm not a big fan of philosophical novels though.

9yr ago
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permalink i haven't read any of his books but i did read crime and punishment! it was good! i wish it was a movie!

9yr ago
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permalink How about the THE IDIOT?

5yr ago
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permalink Well, "Crime and punishment" is a written masterpiece, of course. I like as well his "Demons", a great book of characters really.

4yr ago
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permalink I've only read his Crime and Punishment and I'm all praises for it. Maybe it's time for me to read his other books.

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