audio book? ebook? or just the book?

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7yr ago
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permalink i like the book better...

7yr ago
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permalink Yep...definitely!! I think the book itself will always be better!! :D

7yr ago
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permalink Just the book~
it makes my imagination work!

7yr ago
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permalink Just a book please. :)

7yr ago
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permalink Just a book! It's more fun to make the voices in your head and I love the feel of flipping the pages.

7yr ago
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permalink Just a book~ I like to feel the pages XD

7yr ago
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permalink just a book i like to feel the paper to have in my hands to feel that is mine

7yr ago
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permalink Only the book :)

7yr ago
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permalink love myself a good book but audiobooks are awesome to, i get so much more done when im listening to an audiobook

7yr ago
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permalink of course a book, because i like sitting on my bed under the blanket, with a book in my one hand and a tea in my second. i love a smell of pages, especially old books' ones... i love just reading, it's my life.

7yr ago
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permalink yep, its awesome.


7yr ago
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permalink Me too. Just a book. :)

7yr ago
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permalink Yes books are so much better!

7yr ago
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permalink book....definitely

7yr ago
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permalink Book forever and for always! I'm so worried that the coming generations will never hold a book in their hands because of e-books and audio books!

7yr ago
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permalink I prefer the book as well, but there are times when I have to get an e-book because of availability of the books I want to read. I can't always find them in stores and they may be on back order online when I order them.

7yr ago
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permalink just a book.

7yr ago
4,290 jpops
permalink ebook. ebook devices are much lighter and carries tons of books all at once.

7yr ago
830,718 jpops
permalink i prefer books....

7yr ago
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permalink books~(ノᵔ ◡ ᵔ)ノ ★

7yr ago
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permalink I may read the old known book best where one still right sides to has.

7yr ago
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permalink Depends, at home I prefer a normal book, but when I have to go somewhere the e-book is easier since that isn't as heavy... Most books I read have at least 500 pages, and I just started on the LOTR trilogy (that's about 1200 pages)... X3

7yr ago
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permalink Just the books do not like audio books, totally hate e-books

7yr ago
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permalink Book :D and e-book if I dont have much money to buy the original book xD LOL

7yr ago
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permalink I think is just the book

7yr ago
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permalink definitely books! I don't like how ebooks are taking over, and I personally think they are taking away a lot of jobs... I ended up getting my dad a kindle for Christmas though ^.^' He really likes it, and it's very useful... but I still like books

7yr ago
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permalink just a Book~ ..

7yr ago
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permalink I like collecting books and magazines, so.... books :)

7yr ago
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permalink Just the book

7yr ago
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permalink I like regular books and I believe I always will, I love the feel of them and it's easier for me to get into the book that way. But its hard to carry them around when you are going somewhere especially traveling which is why I have a kindle. Plus they are cheaper and it's hard to find some of the books in stores. It is convenient but I think I will still buy books as well.

7yr ago
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permalink Audio books loose me, I read manga on the internet some times, but nothing beats a good old fashion book!

7yr ago
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permalink manga online, and ebook on the kindle, but i do like having the hardcopy on the book

7yr ago
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permalink Recently I really like audiobooks because I don't always have the patience to read, especially if it's from the screen ( I read ebooks only when there's no other option). But this way you can do a few things at the same time while you listen to an audiobook. I think it often also stays in your memory better. Although that depends on the book of course. Besides it can be a lot cheaper than buying real books and takes less physical space, lol. But I'm not saying it's a replacemment because then we will forget how to read. So I say it's gotta be a combination of both.

Audiobooks and ebooks are more enviroment-friendly btw.

7yr ago
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permalink yeah i like book ;)

7yr ago
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permalink Book, I prefer to hold it in my hands, I like having something physical

But I also buy Ebooks too, for shorter books & authors that I'm not very familiar with. Also sometimes authors I like may produce work that they only make available in Ebooks form.

Another thing about Ebooks is that authors can sell themselves, sometimes when an author produces work that is very popular, sometimes they may feel constrained by what the publisher wants then to produce. I can think of one instance of this where I learned that an author whose books I had been reading, was going to make his next novel Ebook only precisely because he did not agree with the direction that the publisher wanted to take novel in. So it may be that Ebook may be a way for authors to produce what they want, bypassing publishers.

I've tried to listen to audio books but didn't like it. But obviously it is invaluable for those who otherwise can not read

7yr ago
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permalink pefer book itself

7yr ago
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permalink the haRD BOUND BOOKS ... :D

7yr ago
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permalink I mostly choose 'books' or currently, 'e-books' cause we can carry more than hundreds books in one device. And also, I prefer e-books when I had to read it in poor light condition.

7yr ago
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permalink book is better ^.^

7yr ago
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permalink Definitely a normal book

7yr ago
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permalink I prefer a good ole' fashioned book myself.

6yr ago
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permalink i like just a book..

6yr ago
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permalink Just a book :D

6yr ago
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permalink Just the book, not a fan of audio or e-books

6yr ago
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permalink Just a book

6yr ago
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permalink A book! it always feels as if books capture the moments in which i read it last and makes me remember them later in life XD

6yr ago
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permalink I think both e-book and just a book are okay for me. Would still prefer the "just a book" anyway. xD

6yr ago
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permalink I like normal books..don't have the patience to listen to someone read =.=

6yr ago
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permalink Just the book :)

6yr ago
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permalink audio-book is for a sound sleep
e-book is for a travel
just a book is for pleasure)

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