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1decennia ago
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permalink If you know of a artist or band that YOU feel deserves MORE recognition than let us all know. :applause:

Mine would be:

1. Foxxi misQ :lovec:

Best PV - Party Booty Shake. :boogie:

2. Twenty4-7 :RBheart:

Best PV - Get A Life. :verysad:

1decennia ago
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permalink orange range

1decennia ago
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permalink AKEBOSHI AKEBOSHI AKEBOSHI! The man is aazing and he's only known for "Wind" TT^TT

7yr ago
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permalink I FULLY AGREE!!!

1decennia ago
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permalink melody xD

1decennia ago
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permalink would be Mink.just discovered her 3 hours ago,logged on to jpopasia to search for her,found the song eternal love n hooked on her.i feel that she is very little known to all...and deserve more recognition.

1decennia ago
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permalink Mami Kawada! Kotoko!

1decennia ago
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permalink Yes. Mami Kawada, Kotoko, Orange Range

1decennia ago
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permalink zone

1decennia ago
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permalink Bennie K

1decennia ago
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permalink Well, there are so many artists that deserve more than other famous ones... :RBstickout:

Here are those I like :

- Minmi
- Kotani KINYA
- Hajime Chitose
- Maaya Sakamoto
- Riyu Kosaka
- Eri Takenaka

1decennia ago
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permalink LuLu~~~~ I freaking love them and it seems like almost no one has heard of them ;_;
If you know them message me!!!

9yr ago
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permalink Buck tick

barely no one here knows about them......
they are a great band........
with a wonderful singer

9yr ago
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permalink AYA (one of the best females to grace Jrock)
FAKE? (I thought Ken was well-known until everyone here commented "never heard of them before" on the news article about their first U.S. concert)
fra-foa/Chisako Mikami (I'll preach about Mikami until my death)
Mao Abe (her debut album is amazing)
the gospellers (they don't get as much love as they deserve)

9yr ago
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permalink Rurutia!!!! She's an awesome singer, I really enjoy her music and her most recent album Seirios is pretty good. I felt not many people know her, but if you have the chance, make sure to give her a try. Some of her songs I highly recommed: Tsuki'sen ichiya, Hallelujah, Ryuukou, Seirios, Scarlet and Elemments.

Also Arai Akino, she has some anime songs (like in Outlaw star or Voices from Macross) but somehow I feel not many people really know her other works. I like her voice, is really soft and nice. For songs i recommend: Moonlight anthem, Kanaete, Little wing, Hakuchuumu.

9yr ago
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permalink These ones:

Schmelz Cure
Deflina Ma'riage

I love these bands :' (

9yr ago
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permalink Ellegarden

Maybe some of these are well recognized XD I just love them too much hahaha

9yr ago
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permalink Teppei Koike and WaT. If anything, they have an awesome story.

9yr ago
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permalink Ok, I post again *__*
I just found a great band who are pretty anknown. No idea why, they're pretty good: /
Their music is a bit strange (It's J-Rock/Visual Kei, but a bit harder), but with many traditionell japanese music :RBheart:
I really like them even if I just found them a few days ago:


One man and two women in this band: )
Vocalist Aisha has a great voice and she looks pretty good: )
I absolutly love their music :RBheart:[edit]Last edit by ParasiteJely on Saturday 10 Oct, 2009 at 12:36 +3.9%[/edit][edit]Last edit by ParasiteJely on Saturday 10 Oct, 2009 at 12:36 +4.6%[/edit]

6yr ago
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permalink Byakura is amazing!! I love monolith by them!

9yr ago
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permalink Versailles! I haven't met too many people who have heard of them and/or like them, but they are amazing!

This picture is really cool...

From left to right:
Teru (he's so cute!)
Jasmine You (passed away...R.I.P.)
Hizaki (yes, that is a man)
Kamijo (the vampire)
Yuki (don't know much about him)[edit]Last edit by bluesweater on Friday 19 Feb, 2010 at 03:00 +5.6%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink BRIGHT!!!
Awesome voices. They can sing AND dance. Their harmonizing is awesome! Their talent is so underrated and unrecognized. Definitely worth listening to :RBstickout:


This band deserves some recognition. Their style is really unique!

He might not be all that good looking, but his singing and dancing really makes up for it.


His voice is like listening to an angel sing. It's truely beautiful and his songs aren't that bad either :D


If you like hardcore beats with a bit of a japanese touch, tigarah is worth checking out.

What I'm getting at here for the most part, J-RnB needs more recognition. They have some truely talented singers in their category.[edit]Last edit by on Friday 21 Aug, 2009 at 15:29 +17.4%[/edit][edit]Last edit by on Thursday 20 Aug, 2009 at 16:36 +3.5%[/edit]

9yr ago
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Quote by Kokoniiruzee
Awesome voices. They can sing AND dance. Their harmonizing is awesome! Their talent is so underrated and unrecognized. Definitely worth listening to :RBstickout:

He might not be all that good looking, but his singing and dancing really makes up for it.

I 100% agree with you for these two. Daichi Miura has one of the best voice and dance talents out there, but not many people know about him. ;___;

Artists that I think should get more recognition are:

~vistlip - They're an awesome j-rock band that doesn't get any attention.
~D=Out - Like vistlip, they're great, but hardly anyone knows of them.
~Sayuri Sugawara - I believe she's a new artist, but she's a GREAT singer. Everyone should check out her "Kimi ni Okuru Uta".
~May J. - Seriously, she can play the piano and she has a great voice. Putting them together and there's no way you can go wrong.
~Stephanie - She has the most versatile voice I've ever heard. She uses a whistle register in a lot of her songs in addition to her already beautiful voice.

I know I'm missing some, but I'll add them as I remember them. Seriously, I hope people really look into these artists and stray away from the Ayu, TVXQ, BoA, and Utada Hikaru trends. A lot of lesser known artists are just as good.

9yr ago
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permalink Garnet Crow and Tsukiko Amano!
Both are such brilliant bands/artists!

9yr ago
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permalink angela Zhang because she's a really good singer, its only that she's not so very well known

i luv all her songs and she has a really good voice, she even won an singer competition in canada!

9yr ago
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permalink [i]OO,i think...

*Akeboshi!!!-i love his voice >Yellow moon & wind<:RBheart:
*Yui!!-All songs are great!!!!!
*Joe Inuoe-cool song especially 'Closing' :RBheart:
*Mami Kawada and kOToKo-Both have nice voice~i like it!!!!!
*G-dragon-he look very good blonde~ :RBhalo:
*Otsuka ai-Planetariun...that is the best song^-^

9yr ago
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permalink OLIVIA!!!! She is so under recognized!!

Best PV - Wish, Colour of Your Spoon

9yr ago
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Hands down the best artist I have ever heard and needs so much credit for her amazing lyrics and unique voice.

9yr ago
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permalink YUI YUI is the best. She deserves RECOGNITION as the BEST JPOP ARTIST!!!!!
I love YUI.
I know all of us have different favorites but I understand why all of us chose one, its because they give us inspiration in many things. Like me, YUI gives me inspiration for me to continue MUSIC.... as a soul of the listener....[edit]Last edit by karisuma on Monday 12 Oct, 2009 at 04:00 -95.3%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink furukawa yuta? i love his gentle voice! ^^

9yr ago
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permalink I know a lot! xD My favourite artists are always the less popular ones. I do still have a soft spot for YUI, Mika Nakashima, Yuna Ito and the amazing MiChi though. (I'm pretty good at reviewing music for my age too... I'm 13, and I can review artists like an adult. Guess it's another of my weird skills. xD)

AI TAKAOKA - She's really underestimated. YUI fans should check her out as she also has that style that YUI has. In my opinion, her best songs are "LaLaLa" and "Forever my Friend".

SNoW - She did "Nightmare" and "Sakasama no Chou" from Hell Girl. Sadly, she has only one album out but it's a really awesome album. I think you could say her vocals are similar to Utada Hikaru's but slightly deeper, and she has a varied style.

MAI KURAKI - Her style doesn't remind me of any in particular, she has an original style. In fact, I'm listening to her album "Touch Me!" as I type this. She has a varied style as well, and I recommend her songs "I Like It Like That" and "One Life" from her "One Life" album.

Stephanie - She's not very well-known among Western Jpop fans. I didn't like her 2nd album though. Her first (self-titled) album was better. She has an incredible singing range, except she mainly uses it in ballads. I don't like her ballads because they are not as powerful as Mika Nakashima's. I love her faster songs though, especially "To.Be.Me" and "Friends".

CHIEKO KAWABE - Her style isn't for everyone, I guess. It just seems a little... cutesy... to me. She hasn't released any music in a while, so I guess I'm just judging her by her songs she has out at the moment. She did do the opening to Ouran HS Host Club, but I like the songs "Brilliance" and "Shining". I don't recommend "Mermaid" though, what with the bad English. =/

9yr ago
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permalink Once again nobody has said the duo angela. *Sigh* They are so unpopular but I really REALLY like them! Also Chara deserves more attention. She is so unique.

9yr ago
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permalink OH! And another one that deserves way more attention is the band Phantasmagoria! They are an incredible Visual Kei band!

9yr ago
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permalink D, they are the best band in the world. *~* Best Visual Kei, best everything.

Yes, come on go listen to them XD[edit]Last edit by UltimateDLover on Thursday 24 Dec, 2009 at 13:04 +20.2%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink FLOW never seems to get the response that I expect them to get... :RBcrying:
they work so hard too

9yr ago
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permalink - YUI
- ikimonogakari
- ikuta toma
[edit]Last edit by anisahuri on Monday 28 Dec, 2009 at 14:42 +17.2%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink TiA

her voice is just so great~ she's not as famous as before~ but she's really gooood~

9yr ago
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permalink Kokoniiruzee, I really agree with you. BRIGHT is really talented not only vocally but also with their dancing. Hopefully Kirai...Demo Suki~Aishiteru~ will give them the recognition that they deserve! :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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permalink ARASHI! I know they are pretty darn popular in Japan, but I wish more people globally could get to know them better and not just as "preppy boys singing and dancing to poppy music" They are way more than that, and I just hope that someday lots of people around the wrold will know them as who they really are. ^_^

9yr ago
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Quote by HelloHaruka
Mami Kawada! Kotoko!

I agree! Shimamiya Eiko and MELL too! They all need more love (:

9yr ago
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permalink EAT YOU ALIVE T_T
They're so talented. I'm really wondering why they're still so unknown ;_;
I'm not sure if I can still call them Visual Kei... When they still had the name Maverick they were=/ but they changed to EAT YOU ALIVE. Now they're more a Metal band with some Raps in their songs. They also covered Limp Bizkits song Eat you Alive^__^ But if you don't know that then this cover song (XII Rosery) don't sounds like that bc it's pretty different compared to the original by LB ^__^

9yr ago
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permalink YUI

i dont understand why she has soo many haters...
i guess people perfer nonsense over real depth for example

songs like this is a with a bunch of other VK songs and pv's

seriously peeps whats more important?

9yr ago
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Quote by tokenblackguy

i dont understand why she has soo many haters...
i guess people perfer nonsense over real depth for example

songs like this is a with a bunch of other VK songs and pv's

seriously peeps whats more important?

That's a matter of opinion I think... Sometimes people need crazy songsxD

Ah yeah. There's still a band that would may deserve some more attention to me. It's not my fav band at all but I kinda like them anywayxD Their name is Medi@lize=) They're more Oshare I think=/ So a very cute band =^_^=

9yr ago
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permalink ketchup mania!!!!!![edit]Last edit by mysteriousgirl on Saturday 20 Feb, 2010 at 11:48 -97.7%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink me-al art
They are a Japanese Rock / Alternative band, the lead singers vocals are very impressive I think, but I know that in Japan that are not that widely known~

Mao Abe
I first heard her song 'Free' and fell in love with her~~! She has YUI type style, but her vocals are amazing. It is hard to describe. . Her debut album 'POP' was very good! *^* even A-chan of Perfume loves this girl. haha~ XD

Sonomi Tameoka
I HIGHLY recommend this singer. She sings R&B / Pop music, and released an album titled 'Movin' On' in 2009, but ever since then I never hear about her. Her vocals are amazing, and a lot of her songs have a great beat!

9yr ago
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permalink Jinkaku Radio

theyre style is different from what you hear usually on the jrock genre I wish if they were more popular..I discovered them recently and they are great :)

9yr ago
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permalink oh, everyone suggested jrock artist :onetooth:
but since kumasan didnt mention about the genre, i'll say:
Kelvin Chen Wei Lian.

He's born with Leber's congenital amaurosis (i assume that is almost like blind?) but he can play both piano and guitar, and sing in a variety of languages and dialects. (isnt it awesome?! *___* ) his voice is sooooo great <3 very talented :applause:

check his songs on JPA.

9yr ago
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permalink Nico Touches the Walls is an excellent band. Their voice is awesome and their songs are beautiful. Check them out.

9yr ago
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permalink Can't believe nobody has said those...

AICLE. :RBheart:

[i]Danger Gang[/i] :RBheart: :RBheart:
Exist Trace :RBheart:

Female jrockers (the two last ones) don't seem to be so known... I wonder why, because they deserve A LOT more attention xD

9yr ago
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permalink Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate!

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