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permalink TOMOMI, the bass and writer of majority of their songs. Like HARUNA, she also dreamed of becoming a dancer but rock n’ roll opened a new path. Her dancing skills can be observed while performing with her amazing and graceful movements despite the fact that she is carrying a huge bass. TOMOMI has a very sweet and kinda “chipmunky” voice that is easy to like, together with HARUNA, their voices becomes a very perfect combo. She’s also the one that usually leads in solo parts of their songs.

Official Twitter : SCANDAL_TOMOMI

have a fun conversation, haha ^^

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permalink great female bassist, lovely voice, cute..
I'm just grateful that you didn't apply for an idol audition. LOL xD

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permalink yeah, her voice is so adorable, haha ^^

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permalink This is the Official Scandal Facebook page
SCANDAL (スキャンダル)

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permalink Her smiles <3


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permalink Happy Birthday :)

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