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permalink did i just miss seeing it on the index or Nana Kitade doesn't really have a topic of her own here in Jpop Central? :RBundecided:

anyway, if that's the case then...


Name: Kitade Nana (北出 菜奈)
Also known as Nana Kitade, Ruby Gloom
Birthdate: May 2, 1987 (1987-05-02)
Current age 23
Origin Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan
Genre(s) Rock
Years active 2002–Present
Occupation: Rock and pop singer songwriter, musician
Label(s) Sony Music Japan (SME Records)

Nana Kitade is a toprock and pop singer-songwriter, musician. She is signed on with Sony Music Japan. She is particularly famous for dressing and designing Gothic Lolita fashion, something that many of her fans have in common with her. Many of her songs were used as anime, TV shows, doramas and movie opening/ending/image themes.

The year 2008 found Kitade releasing the singles Suicides Loves Story (ending theme for the anime series Persona: Trinity Soul), Siren (theme song for the Japanese version of the Canadian series Ruby Gloom), which was composed once again for Megadeth's former member Marty Friedman with a fast, funny, metal-rock-pop sound, and Punk&Baby's, which were all charted lower than #60 on the Oricon chart. On July 23, 2008 a cover of Cyndi Lauper's 1983 hit "She Bop" was featured on We Love Cyndi - Tribute to Cyndi Lauper album, track # 9. In August 2008 Kitade was featured at the 10th anniversary of Animagic Convention in Bonn, Germany.

Recently Kitade's song 月華-tsukihana was featured as the opening theme for the anime series Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae by Aniplex which charted at #27 on the oricon chart, her highest in two years. Kitade later released her third full length album, Bondage (album), which debuted at #85 on the oricon weekly charts, higher then her previous releases. On May 5th 2009 it was announced on Kitade's official website that she had to cancel an upcoming live due to poor physical health. It was also announced a month later that she would be taking a break from all activities due to poor physical health, and that details would be posted on her site as soon as she recovers. Information on Kitade's condition is currently unknown. [i]Source[/i]

Official Site

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permalink [i]Vocalist Nana Kitade (北出菜奈) and guitarist TAIZO forms Loveless and will begin activities. First official live will be held at SHIBUYA eggman tonight as a “celebration of rebirth”.

Nana Kitade posted a message on their OHP apologizing for stopping her activities, and after much thought after seeing how much fans support her, decided to return with the band “Loveless”.[/i]

oh so now she has a band! hmmmmm....

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:RBheart: Kanashimi wa Kizu
:RBheart: Annotine Blue

9yr ago
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permalink And
:RBheart: Tsukihana

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permalink I like Alice and Kiss or Kiss and Punks & Babies

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permalink I like her stuff, and I like how she dresses. It's pretty. :STsmile:

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permalink She's also a Pisces! :STsmile:
Pisces are very emotional and most of them are empathic, or could be. Thank you for posting her birthday and all that fun stuff! You gave enough information for me to do a birthchart, almost. Now I just need the hour.

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permalink She's so pretty, and I love how she dresses <3
My favorites are tsukihana, SLAVE OF KISS and Kesenai Tsumi (:

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permalink LOVE HER SONGS..

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permalink love her voice :) my fav song of hers is Kesenai Tsumi

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permalink I like "Kibou No Kakera" "tsukihana" and all rocking songs of her.

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permalink She is so great, her voice is fantastic and she looks very well at lollita and normal girl,
she is so cute :RBhalo:

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permalink I love this girl, her work is fantastic. I hope she can renew her contract and start making more music

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She is one of my favourite female singers! I heard Nana in Fullmetal Alchemist the first time and then I fell in love! I love her style so much! :RBheart: (the clothes *drool*)
As for my favourite songs: Ron Yori Shouko, eighteen sky, Kesenai Tsumi, m'aider and Tsukihana. :3

I'm also interested in her Loveless project... Since she hasn't done any new music for a while. ;_;

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permalink Raze buy almost 51.9% of her share. I just get 1% when i buy a share!! heheheh.. n_n

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permalink Ahh~ I love her *0*
Her outfits are so awesome and her voice is beautiful yet cute <3
I love Kagami no Kuni no Aria~

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