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permalink Moon Hee-Joon (문희준) is a South Korean musician formerly of the group H.O.T. was picked second without an audition. Kang Ta recommended Moon Hee Jun, who performed outstandingly in every school dancing event, upon the inquiry from Lee Soo Man. Having both parents in the entertainment business, Hee Jun gladly accepted the offer and later became the group leader, being the oldest among 4 others. Hee Jun started composing at the same time as Kang Ta. His very first piece was "Spirit of Fighter," included in H.O.T 3 - Resurrection.

As an H.O.T member, Hee Jun showed tremendous progress as a dancer, a composer, and a singer. He and Jang Woo Hyuk choreographed nearly all the dance steps, not to mention the complexity of the routine. Just like Kang Ta, Hee Jun is also a soloist today. He composed every song on his album, Alone, and this album is like no other. Instead of focusing on love ballads, Hee Jun continues his hardcore music style to bring positive messages for our modern society.

"Alone" is his debut album. The music and the words of all the tracks in the album, except for "Ibyeori Animeul (이별이 아님을)," which was an adaptation of Auld Lang Syne, were written by Moon. He also created PS Entertainment after leaving SM Entertainment.

Name: Moon Hee Jun
Birthday: March 14, 1978
School: Junior at KyungKi University
Nickname: Gizmo
Favorite food: Mi yuk gook (note: A soup made with seaweed. It’s usually eaten on a birthday)
Favorite color: purple
Candy Color: yellow
Number: 23
Family: father: Moon Gwang Ja; mother: Lee Geum Ja; sister: Moon Hye Ri
Pets: 2 shitzu: Kkamji & Kkok Ji; 1 poodle: Boleungee

Music genre: Drum & Bass, classical
Word: ready
Fashion style: casual hip hop
Season: winter
Subject: science, math
sport: baseball
Movie: action movies
Hairstyle: "wolf & sheep" "line up"
cologne: cool-water

Stress relieving method: drive
Jinx: If I wake up too quickly in the morning, I end up being tired all day long.
Habit: I always look over at the other members when they’re next to me
Hobby: going around and asking everyone what their hobbies are
Special talent: composing, choreographing, singing, rapping, gag (note: gag is a type of comedy in Korea)

Most valued object: my lovely instruments
Ideal girl: a girl who has lots of charm and has eyes like me
Most touching movie you’ve seen recently: Gong Dong Gyung Bi Goo Yuk JSA
Most touching book you’ve read recently: Oh Chae ae Bool Mak Jok
Outlook on music: the introduction of a song is what determines if the song is good or bad
Your motto: Pain today is just the window of tomorrow’s hope.

Happiest moment: "when i find food that i want, when one of the managers ask me to eat food I want."
Hardest moment: "when i can't sleep due to busy schedule"
Saddest moment: when he was younger, he was poor and didn't know how he could become a singer with no money

Best friends: H.O.T members
Person he admires: his father
People he's closest to: Tony and Kangta
First cd: Lee Sun Hee

Hates: when people tell him to eat with his right hand (he's left handed)
What he likes about himself: his eyes
What he hates about himself: his height
Childhood dream: to be a singer

If he wasn't a singer: he wouldn't know. he'd be lost
Last thing he does before bed: takes a memo on what he did that day
First thing he does in the morning: reads fan letters
Worst fan letter: letter written on underwear
Funniest fan present: dolls, CDs and comic books
What he does with fan letters: puts them in a Disney box

Things he loves to do: "I guess you can say I’m kinda nosy cause I love finding out other peoples hobbies and when I’m not doing that I love to write and compose music!"
When he's tired: he drinks orange juice

What his family says when he gets home: "great job, my son"
Message to his family: "thank you so much for understanding my busy schedule"

What he thinks of H.O.T members:
WooHyuk: He's an amazing friend.. when I tell him something and he laughs.. I feel really happy.
Tony: He's cute and he's one of my best friends. He has a good mind.
KangTa: He works very hard. He's kind too.
JaeWon: A cute maknae (youngest), He's really tall and impressive.

Songs written by HeeJun (in H.O.T): Spirit of Fighter , Resurrection , Since you've gone, Git it up!, I Yah! Soulm Operation Takeover Outside Castle, Wish of a BlueBird Time will Tell Song for Lady

He sometimes sings ballads, he's a rocker, rapper, dancer, songwriter, composer, choreographer (did most of the choreography for H.O.T along with Jang Woo Hyuk) and MC. He also plays the guitar, piano, drums and also does beatboxing.

How Moon Hee Jun became a singer
Finaly after that long period of time without being able to live with my parents, my dad was able to find a two bedroom apartment. That was when my friend showed me an audition notice that he had ripped out from a magazine. "Audtion For Singer" something about that notice caught my attention. "This is the way that i'm supposed to go. This is the right road for me. Yes! this is it!" There was not a lot of time left before the audition. "O.K.! Let's Do It!"
From that day on, i practiced 7/11. *no wait...maybe it's 24/7...*, day and night. And because i was on vacation at that time, i didn't have to worry about school work. I practiced with some kids my age. At the audition, first thing that i had to do at the audition was sing. So i sang, Yoo Young Jin's "Geu Dae Yae Hyang Gi". This was a song i personnaly liked and had sung every time i went to norea bangs. Second task was to dance. To tell the truth, i felt confident about the dance part. Since i had been dancing all my middle school/high school life. Third task was a human test. (This means talking with the people and them seeing what type of person you are.) I didn't know it back then, but now i know that what they look for is modesty, and sincerity. If you were not modest or sincere, then you had nothing. The people judging you wouldn't even give you a second look. A few days after the audition, a call from SM came. They wanted to arrange a meeting with me. My parents had accepted the fact about me being a singer. When i went to this meeting, my mom and my dad had come with me. "I'm a singer!! A singer!!"

[size=8][i]Credit to: wikipedia, bestuff, heejunfan.tripod, Remi Ennd@angelfire, SassyGirl23_35@soompi[/i][/size]

[right]Moon Hee Jun on JPA[/right]

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permalink ^o^ Noo-na, you are just too awesome!!! thank you!! Honestly, he's
still my favorite [ex]member and I love him to death!!! XD

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permalink hahaha your welcome XD
he's my fave too x]
and i love<3 his hair!!! :onetooth:

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