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1decennia ago
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permalink at first i didnt kno that jackie chan was also a singer, but when i heard one of his songs i was like woah~.....anyway, the topic for this forum is about anything that involves Jackie Chan..........wats ur fav song of his, mine is Endless Love :)

1decennia ago
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permalink i dont really like Jackie Chan as a singer, but he is a good actor. i never actually thought of him as a singer until now.
His version of I'll Make A Man Out Of You from movie Mulan was OK. i'm not used to the Mandarin language.

1decennia ago
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permalink Oh my fave is Endless Love. I love him as both a singer and as an actor. I cheer him on!

1decennia ago
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permalink Wow... Endless Love is a great song :)

1decennia ago
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permalink hmmm is he is good sing in cantonese its called you bet love endless love with kim hee soon

10yr ago
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permalink aaaa
jackie chan!!!!
i LOVE him!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3
he's so funny and cute...TT.TT

10yr ago
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permalink i like it more when he acts.nice!

10yr ago
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permalink Yeah, Endless Love is a really good one, but the one that had made a bigger mark on me was Ai Le Jiu Suan, with Sammi Cheng.

9yr ago
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permalink I big fans of Jackie Chan, but I would rather see his acting ;) than listening to his song :RBundecided: , because I dont think that his voice are special :RBstickout: .
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9yr ago
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permalink WHAT??? I just got lost here :D Is Jackie Chan also a singer???
I gotta go somewhere and listen!!!!! Is he any good? :D
I haven't heard him singing in a movie either.....:D

9yr ago
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permalink didnt know he was a singer either until recently
he doesnt have much songs either..
but the ones ive heard are nice :)
i luv his movies! Soo funny! XD
but i do think he's a little old..

9yr ago
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permalink From JPA just suddenly i found out Jackie Chan was a singer also.
Seriously i had no idea he had such a wonderful voice.
My favorite song is Endless Love. It's a beautiful one.
I love his voice there... it sounds so romantic.

8yr ago
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permalink ow.. I like Jackie Chan.. His voice is very good and his movies,too.
My fav song is Endless Love.. Very sad & romantic song :RBcrying:

8yr ago
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permalink I liked Endless Love. It was a good song. The one man olympic song is good too. In case you guys don't know, he has a lot more songs than the ones posted here at jpopasia. He sings at least one song for every mmovie he does, except for rush hour and shanghai noon. But he does other songs too like his New Police Story song.

8yr ago
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permalink well i'm not into C-Pop but this caught my attention
i did not know that Jackie Chan was a singer!
wow well anything can happen... he may sing but he's not as cool as Jet Li! lol

8yr ago
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permalink I really had no idea that he sings xD (well before, when I joined JPA I noticed that he did)
although I think I prefer his acting over singing to be honest..[edit]Last edit by elenko94 on Tuesday 28 Dec, 2010 at 17:05 +35.6%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink his acting is pretty good. although the cartoon of him made it a little over the top :P

his song endless love is the only one i didn't mind listening to.

7yr ago
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permalink One of my favorite CPop artists :D

7yr ago
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permalink I love his movies!! :D
But his singing is kinda lol :p
Not that its bad, but i was suprised at hearing he also sings :)

7yr ago
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permalink Omg love him so much, He's a hero :moved:

7yr ago
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permalink I've known about Jackie Chan the actor and martial artist but it was only recently I didsovered he can sing, and he is pretty good.

7yr ago
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permalink ..I really like him.. he is really talented, not to mention martial art, even singing.. main anthem of Beijing olympic 2008 was created by him. Also he produced some good movies.. and he is low-profile..

7yr ago
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permalink I had no idea he sang!! but I rather know him as a really cool actor and such! the movies he has done in America are great!! O:)

7yr ago
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permalink hes one of my fav of all time, been watching him since i was little, He's awesome ^^

6yr ago
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permalink Such a cool guy, huge fan

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink He is one of my favorite actors. :D

6yr ago
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permalink Jackie Chan he is not only a really actor but also one a sharp singer.
He simply has a first-class voice :O :D <3

6yr ago
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permalink my all tiem favorite actor! go go jackie!!

6yr ago
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permalink i love him! his my all time favorite chinese actor! :D best movies he ever made was rush hour!

6yr ago
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permalink Jackie Chan is just amazing ♡
My most favorite actor to watch over and over :D
Jackie Chan always brings me joy when watching his films :D
He also sings one of my fave songs from one of my fave Jackie Chan flicks, Thunderbolt OST.

6yr ago
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permalink amazing actor :)) , amazing movies , amazing in every thing !!!
jackie is the best :D

6yr ago
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permalink I love his Movies, his acting and I still have his cartoon :) He is just amazing and he is "Kakoii" :D

6yr ago
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permalink He's my first chinese actor , I love him and I've watched the most of his movies!

6yr ago
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permalink he's the most famous chinese hollywood actor i knew since birth ^^
he's really great and yes he can sing too..

6yr ago
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5yr ago
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permalink Hey!..did anyone hear about him startin a new kpop boy band?!

3yr ago
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