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9yr ago
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permalink I love her voice! She totally got me into Chinese music! I love her she's so pretty too. I looked through the forum topics and they didn't have her so here's a little space to write (type) about the music artist we all know and love!

9yr ago
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permalink i watched her first in At The Dolphin's Bay.
That was also my first time hearing her "Journey" song.
I love her "Yi Shi De Mei Hao" <3

9yr ago
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permalink Suprised Angela doesn't have a section here till now. She's one of my top fav singers. Her voice sounds so unique and she got me into C-pop. I haven't seen her in dolphin bay, keep meaning to look it up. Is it good?

9yr ago
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permalink not bad.. i only wanted to see Wallace Huo actually so i watched it lol
but it's pretty good :) she's cute in there :wink:

i also love her "Ru Guo De Shi (feat. Fan Wei Qi)".

9yr ago
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permalink luv0hika0chan:

the picture you posted is that angela?...[edit]Last edit by babievee on Friday 23 Oct, 2009 at 00:46 -98.4%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink yeah!! finally a topic for angela!! :D :D
she's a top singer! best TWsinger i think, my fav! :)
wish she gets more and more famous in more and more countries!
and that she'll sing lots more of great songs!!
Go For It Angela!
YOU ROCK!! :rock: :rock: :rock:

9yr ago
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permalink [i]I love her too..It was the first c-pop singer I hear and now is my fav :RBheart: ..She have a beautiful voice..and her lyrics are so touching :) I hope she'll get much more fans and someday to come in my country too :D ..[/i][edit]Last edit by Sachi on Saturday 12 Dec, 2009 at 07:01 +21.4%[/edit][edit]Last edit by Sachi on Saturday 12 Dec, 2009 at 06:58 +15.8%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink I love Angela's songs :) She has a very unique voice. The first song I heard from her was Meng Li Hua and I've listened to her songs ever since. My favorite album is Ang 5.0. Her latest album is also nice, but she has changed her style a little and I'm getting used to it. Really hope to see one of her concerts someday :D

9yr ago
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permalink i love her! shes soo pretty!

9yr ago
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permalink i.. dont really like her

she kissed my idol.. Wallace Huo :RBcrying: in At The Dolphin Bay

7yr ago
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permalink I like Angela's voice!! she did a great job in[i] Romantic Princess [/i] O:) I hope she continues to make more music!!

6yr ago
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permalink too bad she hasnt produced any songs for such a long time... :( i would love to hear new songs...

6yr ago
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permalink Me too :(

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink Her voice like an angel.:3 She is so pretty.

6yr ago
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permalink she seems has an exotic beauty ^^

3yr ago
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permalink HAppy Birthday! ^~^

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