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10yr ago
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permalink I love to draw!

10yr ago
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permalink Me too! :)

nice to meet you

10yr ago
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permalink nice to meeet u!! ;)

Enjooooy :RBhot:

10yr ago
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permalink ...konnichiwa :wave: Me to :high5: :high5:
....nice 2 meet you...whehehehehe

10yr ago
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permalink I love to draw too :). It's nice to meet you. I would love to see your drawings ;)

10yr ago
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permalink Hello there.
Welcome to JPA.
Hope you'll enjoy this what I did.
You can try forum games.
A lot of funny things there.
So, see you around.

You can try to read my journal.
I've write a new one.
Thanks a lot.
I love art,....
Especially music and literature...

9yr ago
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permalink i love to draw too. i draw whenever i have time. the ones that i draw the most is manga. :)

9yr ago
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permalink Hey that's cool! I love drawing too! And I love painting xD Do you have a deviant art account??? here's mine:
Check it out if you please

9yr ago
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permalink i luv 2 draw n progress to sketch a little :)

9yr ago
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permalink I love drawing also! :RBhalo:

8yr ago
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permalink I love to paint :D~! and draw !

8yr ago
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permalink Hello :wave:

Well i like to draw but i'm no good at it :(
I should be since i did take art classes in 7,8, & 11th grade
But i guess they didn't teach me properly :giggle: lolz
The only reason i took art class is because i wanted to learn how to draw but they just teach you different types of art forms and other stuff like that
Well anywayz i do like to draw but I usually do it when i'm bored and i feel like it -_-[edit]Last edit by love323able on Tuesday 06 Jul, 2010 at 22:25 +36.9%[/edit]

6yr ago
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permalink Hi~! I love to draw too. It's good have friends to share the hobbies.

6yr ago
2,024 jpops
permalink i adore drawing...whenever i'm happy or sad or tired i draw...:)

6yr ago
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permalink I love drawing anime-type!!
I have my own OC too! :D

5yr ago
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permalink art is my life :) i have to admit sometimes i get tired of it(physically)but yeah, i do enjoy art

5yr ago
11,105 jpops
permalink Love art~ It helps release creative thoughts~:)

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