Are you in love?

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6yr ago
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permalink I am, I have a girlfriend and she loves me too and I think we're gonna be together forerver :)

6yr ago
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permalink Sadly I am but I broke up with my bf.

5yr ago
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permalink me too but he broke up with me for someone else! :(

6yr ago
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permalink nop....not sure if I had been, not sure if I will be...

6yr ago
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permalink well I am ^^

6yr ago
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permalink Oh !

6yr ago
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permalink i was, but not anymore... i am completely over the guy lol

6yr ago
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permalink I'm scared to ,but I bet I will ,since I almost did...

6yr ago
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permalink No.....I'v really never been truly in "Love".
I'm in love with ma J-rockers though. XD jk.

6yr ago
12,729 jpops
permalink Same here, lol.

6yr ago
19,679 jpops
permalink used to nut now no... never really want to, it's tiring~~~

6yr ago
1,069 jpops
permalink idk i cant eat i cant sleep his image keeps popping up ._. am i inlove guys??

6yr ago
11,726 jpops
permalink idk,maybe

6yr ago
3,678 jpops
permalink nope and i never have been...

6yr ago
1,171 jpops
permalink Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!

6yr ago
8,547 jpops
permalink All the time... hehe... always when I see a cute guy I'm like: Kyaaaa~~!!! <3 :D

6yr ago
269 jpops
permalink Honestly never thought i would be but after my girlfriend stayed with me through the craziest things i know what love is. i was kicked out of my home and was homeless for along time in order to get by i did some skeptical things and almost ended in jail and she still stayed with me we now are soon moving in together and i couldnt be happier. and by the way im no longer doin anything that would land me in jail.

6yr ago
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permalink [i]Yes. I've been in love with my best friend for years. No one can compare to him and no one ever will. Il as mon coeur, pour toujours.[/i]

6yr ago
3,770 jpops
permalink I'm in love with anime and drama. I am a day dreaming girl I think. I wish I could be this, could be that, but at the end I'm me. no thing change at all :)

6yr ago
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permalink nup ~ but im sorta content with my life at the moment ill just let love happen naturally when it does appear ^^

6yr ago
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permalink yes!
with God, Family & Friends! <3

but with someone... special?
I don't think so! :)

6yr ago
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permalink Yup. I'm in love with the man I've been with for 4 years and am engaged to be married to. :)
...I'm also in love with Thom Yorke and my fiancee has come to accept this. lol

6yr ago
27,599 jpops
permalink Nope...! I never have been either but I don't really mind it :D
I know it will happen when it's supposed to happen :)

6yr ago
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permalink I think i am but im not jet sure...

6yr ago
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permalink Nope. Maybe later on I will be in love. :)

6yr ago
1,807 jpops
permalink Hmm I don't know . Me and this guy's feeling and relationship is so complicated. Sometimes we are close, sometimes we are stranger.

6yr ago
18,812 jpops
permalink i am in deeply in love with someone and it hurts so much cause he is married. i wish i could have met him before. i feel like bursting into tears cause i feel cursed for falling for guys who are taken or are married with children.

6yr ago
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permalink I broke up with my gf months ago.
I guess an option of falling inlove with someone else is still out of the question right now.
With time this weight should disapear completely.

6yr ago
2,390 jpops
permalink Yes, I'm in love right now.

6yr ago
25,553 jpops
permalink Yes, but I TRULLY hope they'll find the cure for it sometime soon.

6yr ago
54,780 jpops
permalink Yep I am. Didn't think it would ever happen, but it did.

6yr ago
11,726 jpops
permalink Yes, I'm in love

6yr ago
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permalink yess, yess i am :D

6yr ago
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permalink emmmm.... yes i am >.< :shy:

6yr ago
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permalink But he don't know I like him.

6yr ago
2,448 jpops
permalink I am in love with my future starting in april 2013
wuah cannot wait

6yr ago
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permalink i guess i am !!!!!!!!!! not sure lol

6yr ago
2,521 jpops
permalink so much in love.... :D Uu... i love him so much

6yr ago
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permalink i'm single.. DAMN

6yr ago
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permalink I'm not sure. It feels like it but I've never been in love before xD
Plus it's with someone who doesn't know I exist AND lives halfway across the world AND is in one of Japan's biggest Jrock bands xD

6yr ago
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permalink I have been in love. But got rejected. :( I am again, but... I sometimes question this love... o.o That's a bad sign right?

6yr ago
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permalink right now, probably, you're not in love... may be you just wanna love anyone else... if that's it, don't push yourself.. altough having questions about your feelings is not a bad sing :) it means you don't know him enough

6yr ago
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permalink i'm not in love... do i want to? nah! but that would be nice if i like someone :P

6yr ago
31,463 jpops
permalink nope and never want to.., :) :p

6yr ago
18,664 jpops
permalink Never...Ever!

6yr ago
163,034 jpops
permalink Yeah maybe

6yr ago
21,651 jpops
permalink Yes. Mwahahahahahaha.

6yr ago
828,818 jpops
permalink hmm i wasn't sure lol

6yr ago
-1,749 jpops
permalink yes i am, but with my fav jrockers :p

6yr ago
224,930 jpops
permalink in real life, i'm not in love with somebody else.. i'm happy being single :)

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