Anyone from India?

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7yr ago
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permalink Hi I'm from India and I'm a HUGE jpop and kpop fan. I was wondering if there are other fellow Indians here. I would love to connect with you guys. :) Do let me know!

6yr ago
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permalink I don't suppose Indiana country. GO Ball State....... I am not kidding look it up there is a Ball state university there. You can major in Juggling.

5yr ago
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permalink am not from India

4yr ago
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permalink nooooo....but near

4yr ago
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permalink I'M from Europe not India

4yr ago
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permalink I'm from the US~

4yr ago
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permalink I lived in India 4 very long time . ask me any thing u want . ^^

3yr ago
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permalink I don't live in India but I am Indian. I always felt I was the only weirdo Indian who likes anime and J-rock.

3yr ago
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permalink I'm Indian! I'm a huge jpop fan as well. It's rare to find jpop fans here :P

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