Any K-POP Fans Willing To Chat?

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4yr ago
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permalink Annyeong! ~ ♡

I'm A K-POP Fan & I'm Looking For Other K-POP Fans To Chat With Or Be Friends With. If Your Online, Please Message Me On My Wall Or Leave A Reply. Thank You! By The Way, I'm A Big Fan Of EXO, Bangtan Boys (BTS), B.A.P, Block B, Teen Top, Topp Dogg, B.I.G, Mad Town, Orange Caramel, EvoL, Chocolat, BESTie, Sonamoo, & Minx!

~ Here's A Gif Of Jaehyo From Block B ~

3yr ago
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permalink Hi im also a kpop fan and several other genres of music. I love quite a few of the groups you mentioned. If you are interested in talking write a message on my wall. I have no one to talk to incessantly about kpop sadly and so it would be really nice to annoy you(hopefully i wont) lol. Hopefully you read this thanks😺

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