Anime Character(s) you feel sorry for.

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2yr ago
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permalink What character or characters from anime - for one or more reasons - do you feel sorry for?

Full Metal Panic:
Kaname Chidori - for all the gung ho garbage she has to endure being around Sousuke Sagara.

Project A-Ko:
A-Ko - for having to put up with C-Ko's whining, hyperactivity, and nasty lunches!

And Lastly

El Hazard:
Nanami - for having an annoying brother like Jinnai, whose ruthlessness is eclipsed only by his attempts at maniacal laughter.

2yr ago
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permalink Nico Robin from One Piece. Her past is my favorite actually, but a giant got frozen right in front of her to let her live and she's the only survivor of Ohana

2yr ago
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permalink Brook. He has in my opinion one of the saddest stories in One Piece. He had to watch all of his crew members to die and then live alone in the ship for 50 years...

2yr ago
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permalink Gintoki Sakata his past is so sad he even had to kill his Sensei to let his friends live ... T_T
Uchiha Itachi too
Trafalgar Law also T_T

2yr ago
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permalink Uh, too many, I agree with all of the above.
But there are characters who had it tough at one point but are more or less ok now and then those whose lives are literally hell with bad things happening one after another to the point it has become a meme to just wish for their happiness like Kaneki from Tg, from example xD
Levi and everyone from SnK too and generally those traumatizing series where nothing good ever happens xD

2yr ago
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permalink Kaneki Ken... Eren Jaeger... Momonosuke (One Piece) There are more... but let me think about it.. ww

9mo ago
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permalink all the characters from Gangsta.- they're all struggling to survive

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