A liar

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5yr ago
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permalink How can you trust a person if he is a liar? How could I believe he loves me, it's not another lie? What do you think about it?

5yr ago
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permalink If he's lying to you then it means that he doesn't respect you. A relationship should be built on trust, not deceit~ that's my take on it :)

5yr ago
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permalink As a person who is used to liars sadly, I think that you should be careful around that person to make sure that you don't get hurt.

5yr ago
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permalink [i]A person who doesn't respect you and always talking back about you[/i]

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4yr ago
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permalink I wouldn't trust the guy~ once a liar, always a liar.

4yr ago
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permalink This unbelievably applies to my current situation. The person I have feelings for is an excessive liar and has hurt me multiple times. Lying sucks =(

4yr ago
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permalink You need to get rid of toxic people in your life. If they are going to lie to you they have no respect for you.

If a liar wants to change then they will need to get professional help. People DO change only if they are willing to go the extra mile to do so.

4yr ago
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permalink if he lying to you at the first time,then give a second chance beacuse everybody deserved a second chance but he repeat it lying then does not good indication...

4yr ago
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permalink How do you know if the person is lying to you

4yr ago
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permalink Sorry all I can say is I can relate (=.=;)

4yr ago
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permalink If someone is repetitively lying to you it means they don't respect you, and you should never be with people who doesn't respect you..
Just my opinion :)

4yr ago
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permalink once a liar always a liar
even if you try to stop

4yr ago
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permalink I guess the real question is...can YOU trust in the person telling you that they love you? If you believe it and you see that they love you then it is so. There are people who lie all the time. I am sure they find love. And the people who love them know that they are liars. It is one of those things that you have to figure out whether or not you accept this flaw that they have. After all no one is perfect. Remember, you cannot change someone. You can hope that they change but that does not mean they will. You can only control how you act. Weigh out the pros and cons I guess..

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