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[Game] The Sims 3  

1decennia ago
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permalink I havent seen this topic anywhere, but sorry if its already created

then just lock it blue or any other mod >.<
So i am sure that there is some people here that have this game...
i have it
a very early birthday present, got the collectors edition too

Screen shots



The game package


whats your thought of it....is it a masterpiece or simply overrated?

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1decennia ago
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permalink Love this game :RBheart:
Still playing it :)
Anyway...can someone tell me what can i do with those cutted gem rocks and analized space rocks.......
From gems i can make some pillows or whatever....But what to do next ? :D

1decennia ago
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permalink i dont really know kasp sorry but

i found something on yahoo

"click on it and get it cut you will (with in a few sim days) get it back in the mail and there are three display options to put it on a pillow a stand (i think) and a case...
you then put thin on any surface (like a coffee table, counter dresser desk)

you would want to do this because it helps with the decoration...the more beautifly decorated your home the better mood you sims will have while in the home ( it will give you a + moodlet) and unless you are trying to make you sims miserable you want to have you home more beautifully decorated!
i have had a few gems cut and displayed sims always get a positive from it (news stuff moodlet) and enjoy viewing it."

unsure if this help. :RBconfused:

Have a Ghost Baby (Without Killing)
How to do it:

- Set one of your Sim's traits to Kleptomaniac (Sim must be female)
- Go to graveyard
- Wait until Sim steals remains or tell sim to swipe something (remains must be male)
- On the second day since stealing grave and putting it in home, the ghost will appear at 11:00pm and disappear at 4:00am it will appear every other day
- Socialize with ghost every night it appears until you are at best friend ghost will then begin appearing every night
- get fertility reward
- Confess attraction to ghost
- ask to snuggle on bed, kiss
- Try for baby every night until you start throwing up
- Congrats! You're now having a ghost's baby! (It will be born as a ghost that you can control)

gonna try that later[edit]Last edit by elenko94 on Monday 20 Jul, 2009 at 07:25 +5%[/edit]

7yr ago
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permalink I am addicted to this game O_O

5yr ago
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permalink Sims 3... I own 7 expansion packs... oops

4yr ago
10,574 jpops
permalink Awesome game ever.

4yr ago
27,445 jpops
permalink I played for a while yesterday, I have 7 expansion packs now xD I went to China and started all those adventures again ;)

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