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Join the JpopAsia team! Editorial + profiles  

8yr ago
578,817 jpops
permalink JpopAsia is looking for a fresh team of dedicated people to join the JpopAsia family.

Are you a suitable applicant?

We are looking for people with the following criterias:
* PASSIONATE about Asian entertainment and music
* LOVES the site
* able to DEDICATE some time
* MUST be an ACTIVE contributor

What do you get in return?
* LOTs of love from fellow team members
* various INCENTIVES
* represent us at concerts/events
* free tickets
* possibly interviews with celebrities
* recognition on being part of a GREAT site

We are currently looking to recruit members for the following departments:

* You make sure the profiles look the prettiest and the submitted information from our visitors is correct
* Create hero pictures which represent the artists (must be skilled in photoshop)
* Work together with the videos team to make sure discographies are complete and correct
* Click here for full details and to apply

Click here for full details and to apply

See you soon! :D

8yr ago
3,002 jpops
permalink :O I want to be Part of the Crew!!!

8yr ago
378,518 jpops
permalink I can do all of those things.

8yr ago
68,330 jpops
permalink i can do almost everything here :moved: >.< (not photoshop :( )

8yr ago
284 jpops
permalink i want to be part of the profile crew :)

7yr ago
42,862 jpops
permalink i want to be crew member!! o-o

7yr ago
16,079 jpops
permalink I would love to be a crew member! o-o I wouldn't mind Profile but if you are ever looking for Community I would love to do that! :D

7yr ago
42,862 jpops
permalink I want profile or community or video :)

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