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10yr ago
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permalink We are looking for bloggers and writers who like to hunt and write about Japanese entertainment news on a regular basis. If you know everything about Jpop, like blogging and writing, feeling you need to share your articles with millions of readers? Then look at us! Because we are looking at you! :D

You need at least to be fluent in English and it helps a lot if you are fluent in Japanese too.

Realize that JPA news is not a personal blog and to check if you fit our writing style, you'll have to write some example articles before we decide you can enter our team. Send your application to join@jpopasia.com and maybe we can welcome you to our team soon!

Include the following in your message:

1. what is your JPA username?
2. why do you want to join our team?
3. do you already have a blog yourself? If you have, please provide us your link
4. how many hours daily do you spend on reading jpop related sites?
5. what is your level of the Japanese language?
6. in what category would you place your knowlegde about jpop and jpop artists?
nothing, low, average, high, very high
7. how old are you?
8. where do you live (country + timezone)
9. what kind of person are you? Just tell something about yourself so we can get a picture of you.
10. anything else that helps us to choose you?? :D

Writing for us is on a voluntary basis, although we'll provide you a life long Creme account and when you've been longer around in our team, you'll be able to participate in our loyalty program. But the best is this unique experience and opportunity you get!! Apply now! ^^

10yr ago
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permalink does 'jpop' include jrock articles? cuz then I could do it :)[edit]Last edit by squishysama1 on Thursday 11 Nov, 2010 at 12:40 +5.5%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink anyone's allowed to join rite?? ^.^

i sent the email!!! :D

9yr ago
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permalink When is this over?

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