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Whats the best thing about books?  

1decennia ago
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permalink yes, why do you enjoy books so much? is it because you can make your own images of the persons, actions and surroundings, or maybe that you just want to get away from the world around you for an hour or maybe just a couple of minutes? or is it really just something as simple as wanting to get some peace and quiet?

I myself think i enjoy books so much because when i read a good book, it's impossible for me to get bored, and i consentrate so hard on the book that i don't notice anything around me, im totally absorbed in the story. and i often feel like i have a place to escape, you know, another world and life that i escape to whenever i feel like taking a little break from the real lifes stress and worries. and thats probobly why i love fantasy so much, because fantasy stories tell the tales of other worlds, where magic and all sorts of wonderful things is possible. and what i said before about making your own images, thats probobly the reason i often enjoy books so much more than movies. in movies,they show you what people look like, exaclty how thing happen and all the sounds and such, and leave nothing to my imagination. and thats me, i like to use my own fantasy to things like that.

wow. I didn't think i would be able to write this much about books, and stil i feel like i could write alot more if i didn't stop myself from scaring you all away with my writing!!! x]
now your turn =D[edit]Last edit by Nightmare on Tuesday 02 Mar, 2010 at 14:09 +1%[/edit]

1decennia ago
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permalink Hello! ^^ I think I enjoy books because I can escape from reality for a short while. I usually read to before going to sleep so half the time I'm absorbed into the book. I also appreciate the fact that it improves our imagination and it creates something similar to a film when we read, but we're the directors. Also, some ideas and concepts in books inspire me to write or create my own stories. In addition, I like how some books can really get you thinking either by discussing a controversial topic or by it being some sort of mystery where you have to predict the future events. I also like how books arouse certain emotions in us and reading can actually make me feel happier. yeah... I see what you mean now... lol I wrote a lot more than I normally would.

1decennia ago
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permalink by reading i escaped from the hell of my reality. they were my comfort, made my dreams fly...made everything better. various stories that i could sink into...
i do that still. tho i've added anime to help with it.
basically everything is always better or worse in a fictional story. it means that you can always console yourself by thinking how it could be far worse or forget the bad stuff and sink into the positive fairy tale.

9yr ago
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permalink The best things about books? that has to be the alternate worlds.
It's awesome how books get to drag you into the journey of countless characters as they survive through their journeys in life. How each protagonist deals with problems and how each villain tries to succeed in their schemes.

Whether it's a suspense/thriller/horror book where you delve into the their world, the tense heavy atmosphere, the screams, the blood, and the mystery erases all forms of human reality; or a romance/fantasy/sci-fi book where the world turns upside down and inside out with all the love, the lasers, the robots, the fairies, the satyrs and all that stuff.

It's those worlds that you can only find in books that make books awesome. :RBhot:

9yr ago
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permalink I feel like I'm being sucked into a new world. I feel like I'm the character in the story. I feel that everything is so real! I feel bliss every time I finish reading a book. I feel relaxed, calm etc. No words can express the bliss I experience every time I get sucked into the world of fiction that I read. ( I read mostly fiction ones. :P )

9yr ago
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permalink For me; it's when you find your favorite part. You don't have press the "previous chapter" or "forward" button. You just want to reread the paragraph .^.

9yr ago
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permalink Well reading books is only limited to our imagination so in my opinion thats the best part. But thats also a draw back. Like reading Harry Potter before and after the movie was released. I cant imagine Harry looking like anything or anyone else other than Daniel Radcliffe. Thats also why I prefer to read a book first and then watch its movie(if there is one) to see how the director imagines the scene to be like. :)

9yr ago
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permalink If you are reading a rather large book you can throw it at people that are bothering you in your coffee shop.

Currently there is a mime in the coffee shop that I am in and if they get any closer they are going to get a Janet Evanocik novel right in the kisser.

9yr ago
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permalink a mime in a coffee shop???

i like useing imagination makeing what the characters & stuff looks like & reading at night when its nice & quiet with my kitty

9yr ago
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permalink I would like to read a book but my kitty is sleeping on it.

9yr ago
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permalink aaaawwww how cute

9yr ago
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permalink Books can take you places
Books are a safe place
I love them. :)

9yr ago
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permalink hmmm its easier to explain if i compare it like this

manga scans VS manga ... i prefer and will only read manga from books ... cause its good to actually be holding it and reading it in your hands in front of you ... i also like books cause they help pass the time during travel :)

9yr ago
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permalink I love books because what you take from them and what you envision as you read them is uniquely your own and is relevant to who you really are. There's no set image or message like in t.v. or movies. You are free to shape things any way you wish and to get lost in your own world.

9yr ago
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permalink Books take you to a whole new different world :)
Gets your imagination working, and basically you can learn a lot from it~! But textbooks are an exception to me >w< My mind shuts, so I can no longer comprehend when it's in front of me :P

9yr ago
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permalink best thing is that they make you imginar and see things from a point of view of creativity maxima. you feel everything you feel the characters and yourself you become another character of the story. why I love to read.

9yr ago
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permalink I always enjoys the tactile sensation of books. You can basically get all the classic free on the internet these days. Still, there is something special about sitting down with a leather bound book on a cold winters night and reading about huck Finn or the Time Machine.

8yr ago
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permalink i love to read (manga or novel) cause i could get some peaceful time in an another world. for me, books cheer me up when i am sad or bored
like what you guys said, escape from the reality for a while :P

8yr ago
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permalink The Imagination. I can imagine all the characters and settings. Sometimes I place myself in the main character's shoes and imagine myself facing challenges and it excites me!

8yr ago
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permalink favorite past time - reading books.
Although I'm really picky which books to read I have the tendency to finish the book right away. I have this eagerness to know the story right away.
I'm always amazed with authors.. It's not easy to create a good/unique plot with original characters that people would appreciate.
Like music..it also inspires and inform us.

8yr ago
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permalink Personally books are an escape to me. I would rather be lost in a world of fiction where everything seperates me from the outside word. Its a nice break from normal life :D

8yr ago
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permalink When reality becomes too much,a cup of green tea and a good book makes it all go away. Moments later,when the chapter or three are finished,reality doesn't seem so hectic.

8yr ago
378,518 jpops
permalink They still work when the power goes out

8yr ago
35,216 jpops
permalink The Hard Cover....coz you can throw it to you enemy with ease...lol

8yr ago
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permalink it serves as my little my escape from the world
and i can image the characters like i want them to be :3

8yr ago
54,382 jpops
permalink i think the same~ the best in book is that you can be in different world, be like the character, you can read wherever you want and you can imagine everything like you want :)

8yr ago
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permalink It just teleports you to another dimension, its awesome ;)

8yr ago
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permalink I love everything about books... The smell of paper, the cover, the letters... The way they play with your emotions...

8yr ago
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permalink For me is that when you read them they led you to another world, is like you are so much into the story that you become one of the characters, if not the main, and is like when you stop reading it always keep you in there and sometimes i cannot distinguished from real to not-real, so that's why i love books. :)

8yr ago
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permalink You can imagine the world and the character!
sometimes it feels like you are in a different place at the same time :D books just suck you into their world
And i'm always lost track of time when i am reading and occasionally when i am paying too much attention to the book, i dream about it LOL
it's just awesome

8yr ago
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permalink I can't describe it xD reading books is awesome~ When I read books, I kinda go into a trance, and I won't stop until I finish it :D

8yr ago
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permalink words and quotes... :D

8yr ago
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permalink The books provide to the reader imagine. They can bring to a world of fantasy and fantastical things, where the person can be everything that she wants. And the reader can interpret and imagine the characters and situations as he wants.

8yr ago
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permalink i enjoy reading books alot especially romance and fantasy i guess the best thing about them is tht they give you a chance to imagine i mean in movies and dramas everything is crystal clear but in books you can imagine the places and other things the way you like

8yr ago
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permalink I love the smell and the wayu they look... lol, sometimes I think i buy books because they look good on the shelf...

8yr ago
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permalink They carry you to an entirely different world!~

8yr ago
5,444 jpops
permalink Let us imaginate the story of our way.

8yr ago
16,308 jpops
permalink they make me live in a different world......

8yr ago
3,770 jpops
permalink Can find the new words (english) how they use it in the daily life.

8yr ago
18,936 jpops
permalink improve one's vocabulary...provoke one's imagination and creativity...

8yr ago
4,736 jpops
permalink It makes me feel like I'm the character in the story and I'm living their life.

8yr ago
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permalink I get to escape into my imagination and enjoy a little fantasy time.

8yr ago
5,095 jpops
permalink books are my escape from reality. i can be a totally person and go wherever i want.

8yr ago
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permalink books allow us to delve into our imaginations and allow us to create or discover new worlds or creatures... they are fascinating

8yr ago
18,508 jpops
permalink books... makes our imagination go wider! ;)

8yr ago
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permalink When I get into books, I will forget everything around me. It's like I being traveled into adventurous world. So I choose something like Harry Potter or Twilight or horror and mystical. I will become wizard and a lover for vampire... That's why I enjoy reading books so much. Choose different character...

8yr ago
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permalink I like to know authors' vision, about the world.

8yr ago
8,328 jpops
permalink The best thing about books is that you can escape reality for a moment and find yourself in a new world. You can also learn something from them too! :D

8yr ago
824,433 jpops
permalink The only book I have liked is my maths textbook

8yr ago
1,039 jpops
permalink The ideas it puts in your head. You can think as you read,what if I was there. What if someone like this was there. How can I bring that to reality? The ideas, thoughts, visions, dreams. When you bring them to life, through a story of your own inspired by a simple phrase or an invention inspired by a word or thought you read once. It changes the world! I love escaping the world and forgetting where I am for a while but then bringing part of that world with me back home to reality makes it sooo much better<3 However that's just my humble opinion.

8yr ago
2,427 jpops
permalink it help you have imagination and it is also a great getaway from reality sometimes

8yr ago
344,446 jpops
permalink the best thing about books is that you can use your imagination while your reading and picture everything in your head! I guess thats why I never really liked books cuz I wanted pictures but when I read Twilight (my first book) it took me a while to picture things but during New Moon it all came simple

8yr ago
15,971 jpops
permalink If its good you can't put it down you want to finish it~~

8yr ago
40,868 jpops
permalink You can imagine the world in the book as you want to see. You can go on a journey with the characters far from reality. It's just relaxing :) I prefer to hold books in my hands not read them on the computer it just hurt my eyes and holding a book has got a special feeling too :)

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