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Novels or comics or reference books or frictional books??  

1decennia ago
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permalink which one do you prefer most ...
and why???

1decennia ago
626 jpops
permalink i prefer novels and comics
both intresting but i love
novels more
it making me dreaming and
imagining things in my own ways :nod: :laughing: :lovec:

1decennia ago
14,580 jpops
permalink Novel and Comics!!!! XDD but i like to read book about human anatomy and world history!! And Biography books,it's awesome to know famous people's real life!!

About novels,my favorite novel is crime novel!!! My favorite author for crime novel is Agatha Christie!! SHe is awesome,her novels make me have to think harder to find the murder!! :RBheart: :RBhalo: :RBheart: :RBhalo: U should try to read her books,guys!! :otsu: :otsu:

10yr ago
4,437 jpops
permalink Hmm I love novels because they help me with my writing and I love the idea of working my mind to imagine on what things look like and how the story is going to end.
I love comics too...well I guess manga more then comics though a lot ppl say comics and manga or different so I don't want to insult anyone :joops: . But I like the art in them and I just love stepping into someone else's world for little while.

As for reference books, I don't mind reading them I can get into them but I hardly read them unless I have research or homework to do. Though I am a big fan of history. So I guess to answer the question...I just love them all in there own unique way. :otsu:[edit]Last edit by Moonbleach18 on Saturday 23 Oct, 2010 at 01:39 -99.4%[/edit]

10yr ago
42,084 jpops
permalink i prefer comic, cuz it consists of pictures/drawings. it makes reading faster. but i do read novels too. as there is room for imagination. most of the time, i read chinese novels , by taiwanese or hongkong author. at times, i do read english books , and i like marian keyes novels, and fantasy stories, esp by DAvid Eddings.

8yr ago
3,324 jpops
permalink I'm fine with all of those <3
But I mostly have Novels :) I only borrow comics or graphic novels from my friends XD
Reference books are fine :) I can read them~
And fictional books are good too~ I only borrow some from friends as well XD

8yr ago
2,149 jpops
permalink MANGA!!!! :P

8yr ago
4,898 jpops
permalink I like novels the most!
Because first of all, I get to use my imagination and create a whole world in my head. :)
And I feel like novels are chances to escape from the real world. Not that I have anything bad to escape from, but you know, sometimes you just need a breather and novels are exactly perfect for that! :D
I also like the fact that you grow to love the characters even though they arent real. :) (at least I do :P )

8yr ago
831,618 jpops
permalink i think all.... but i read them based on my moods...
novel when there's nothing good to read...
reference book when my curiosity need to be filled
and comics what i always read... haha

8yr ago
8,328 jpops
permalink Novels are for me! :)

7yr ago
50,149 jpops
permalink mmm, COMICS!

7yr ago
48,472 jpops
permalink Novels usually although i would like to start a comic collection

7yr ago
379,997 jpops
permalink I prefer comic for light reading. And so, I do read novel too.

7yr ago
232,328 jpops
permalink Novels and crime books

7yr ago
14,045 jpops
permalink i read them all :) but it really depends on the story for me . if it doesnt catch my interest then i 'll stop reading it :p lol :D

7yr ago
21,200 jpops
permalink I love those kinds of books....heheh I cant choose because I used to read those also.

7yr ago
232,328 jpops
permalink i prefer novels

7yr ago
371,846 jpops
permalink Novels, comics and fictional ;)

5yr ago
10,707 jpops
permalink Novels and reference books :D

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