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What Japanese Clothing/Style Do You Like?  

1decennia ago
106 jpops
permalink I'm just curious about what everyone's preference is when it comes to Japanese attire.

I myself prefer the flashy and outrageous. The crazy colors and makeup I just find so fascinating.

1decennia ago
1,059 jpops
permalink mm i 2 that.i also like (sometimes) the VK attire.i like how they can really work it out.

1decennia ago
538 jpops
permalink I really love the VK attire, it's like so awesome, how they can pull it out.

1decennia ago
7,045 jpops
permalink I love how VK artists dress too! I mean, they always looks soo friggen awesome! Especially the style of their hair! :RBheart:

1decennia ago
5,332 jpops
permalink i luv it! XD esp Visual Kei and Oshare Kei! i just luv how creative they can b in their outfits and stuff! the designs r also just so amazing!!!! XD haha anothr thing i LUV bout J-Rock X3

1decennia ago
4,617 jpops
permalink I love jrock attire! :RBheart:
Especially visual kei, oshare kei, and gothic lolita!:RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo:
I wish I could pull off the fashions though. :RBfrown:
I still love it!!!! :D

1decennia ago
5,980 jpops
permalink I love visual kei styles...but not for me, for people who can pull it off.
I like their hair and makeup, in particular
( :RBohNo: yayy GazettE)

1decennia ago
1,182 jpops
permalink I am mixed currently.
I do a mixture of lolita and a light garu style (not at the same time though lol)

Though my nails ... are 100% Koda Kumi inspired ^^

1decennia ago
1,628 jpops
permalink Oooh! I love JRock makeups! JRock look prettier than girls! hehe. so funny^o^ Umm. Miyavi is prettier than girls! I'm jealous of him! I guess I'm uglier than those handsome JRockers..

1decennia ago
378,518 jpops
permalink I think more Jrockers should wear kilts. When i become a jrocker i am going to wear my kilt on stage.

1decennia ago
66,590 jpops
permalink i LOVE everything about nagoya kei oshare kei visual kei

1decennia ago
378,518 jpops
permalink I just realized my answer is not what this thread is about. Although there is a tartan for Japan.

1decennia ago
327 jpops
permalink I really love VK clothing. :)
I admire the artist's ability to be able to pull it off, because I never could, LOL. Flashy and intricate outfits are fun to look at. I have to say that I like the more casual looks the best, though. ie. Nagoya kei.

1decennia ago
4,231 jpops
permalink I would have to say Visual Kei is EPIC! I would love to wear the clothing like Versailles... just.....Epic xD

1decennia ago
58,609 jpops
permalink I don't have one.

6yr ago
29 jpops
permalink I like the brand Na+H and clothes by Rion (a vkei designer).

6yr ago
4,795 jpops
permalink I kinda like VK style but I wouldn't probably wear them because I believe it wouldn't suit me. I also like the Cute Lolita style, i love the feminine look of it.

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