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Which final fantasy game is the best?  

1decennia ago
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permalink i think x and x-2 are okay but i like ff 12 the best though ff13 will be even better

1decennia ago
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permalink me I say FF7 or FF9 or FF12, FF7 is a bit overrated, but I love the plot and the villain, mwahahaha

*looks at huge Sephiroth poster in room*

1decennia ago
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permalink i like ff7 ff10 ff10 2 ff12
cloud strife is the best and rikku :RBheart: :RBheart:

1decennia ago
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permalink I'm really for this insulting post but,

Final Fantasy tactics Advance and Final fantasy Tactics A2
I just love buffing those chars up to own the entire game...

8yr ago
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permalink I heard they will make one for FF7 through PS Vita... and also the rest of the FF series will get a remake too (a rumor..but i hope it's true)

1decennia ago
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permalink i have only played one ff game...i think it was..cant remember

but i have heard that the 7th game was suppose to be a masterpiece or something...hm...maybe i should play it when i get the chance

1decennia ago
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permalink Wow looking at most of the post...I wonder How old are you?...

:D hahah I feel old...

Final Fantasy VI all the way...timeless game, is just like Chrono Trigger :RBhalo:

1decennia ago
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permalink I'm going to have to say the best characters were in Final Fantasy 7...But the best one ever for me will be Final fantasy 13

Though my second favorite was Final Fantasy Tactics for the Ds

1decennia ago
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permalink Personally, I believe that Final Fantasy X is the best Final Fantasy game out there, because the plot is fantastic and well written.

1decennia ago
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permalink Final Fantasy III, on DS. It's got the classic feel, but your characters aren't just drones like on 1. I don't like all these new ones, and I think I'll stick to classics.

1decennia ago
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permalink FF-XII was pretty dang good. Best looking PS2 I've ever played

1decennia ago
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permalink I've never played any FF game on the PS because i dunn have one T^T, but i've played Crystal Chronicles, FF1, FF2, FF3 Crisis Core, and Dissidia. I don't really have a favourite game in mind.. But i think that the storylines for all the series are pretty interesting and neat ^__^ I better buy a PS concole soon so i can play all the series.. hmm

1decennia ago
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permalink I've played the Final Fantasies that came out after FFX. Crisis Core is by far the most emotional one, I love it :RBheart:

The others are on the PS1, aren't they? It's a shame I can't play them. I would've loved to play FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX :RBcrying:

1decennia ago
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Quote by Helen
I've played the Final Fantasies that came out after FFX. Crisis Core is by far the most emotional one, I love it :RBheart:

The others are on the PS1, aren't they? It's a shame I can't play them. I would've loved to play FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX :RBcrying:

I'm currently playing FFVII on my PSP... it's available for download!

And I agree... Crisis Core is BY FAR the only game to ever jerk a tear!


"Hitomi no boku ga..."

1decennia ago
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permalink FF7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1decennia ago
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permalink Final Fantasy VII because even until this day it remains a total classic.

1decennia ago
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permalink I like FFs: VIII, IX, and XII the most~! :D
hahaha, I dun think I'd make a very great SeeD, though...while playing FF VIII, I cheated on a few of the tests..lmao! :RBblush:[edit]Last edit by MagisterMina on Friday 27 Nov, 2009 at 23:39 +1.1%[/edit]

1decennia ago
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permalink I'm between FFVII and FFX, they were the two that stole my heart :RBhalo: I think they have the most charismatic characters ever! I also like the most the classic turn-by-turn battle, so I found kinda weird the FFXII :RBsarcastic: Wonder how will it feel playing the new FFXIII

1decennia ago
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permalink This is really hard seeing I have to pick one. I guess I'll have to go with Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus. Reason why: I think I tend to like TPS more than RPG.

1decennia ago
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permalink If it counted, I would definitely vote for Kingdom Hearts, but since it doesn't, my other choice would be Final Fantasy X :D

1decennia ago
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permalink Final Fantasy VII was probably some sort of turning point in my life.. im not really sure how.. but its definitely my favourite ff as well as game in general.

That being said ive been anticipating ff13 and it could possibly trump 7 by the looks of it (final fantasy versus) though i think ill play all of them..

Stella Nox Fleuret
Noctis Lucis Caelum

instant hearts for anyone else?
*big fan*

1decennia ago
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permalink I love final fantasy VIII and X!:) they are so good! miss playing these games:D

1decennia ago
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permalink FF IX!!

10yr ago
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permalink For me the absolute best is FFVII :D and all his parts ^__^ after that comes VIII and X :)

10yr ago
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permalink FFX for me AL THE WAY!!!!! :D :D :RBheart:[edit]Last edit by agjled on Saturday 15 May, 2010 at 00:33 +0%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink I think the best one is FFVII however I like FFVIII & FFX too ^ยบ^

10yr ago
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permalink I wasn't able to play FFVII, so I think FFX is the best.

The worst for me, is probably FFXII and FFX-2.

10yr ago
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permalink I think FFXII and FFXIII are my favorites. I, II, IV, & VII are good, just not nearly as good as XII & XIII.

10yr ago
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permalink FF 7, I also liked FF 4 for the DS

10yr ago
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permalink I feel really old after reading through the posts. Most people here enjoys FF7 and I won't judge anyone for that! It was good, not the best though.

I'd have to say that my fave would be FF III(US)/ FF VI(JAP). Amazing story line and one of the most badass villains ever created. If you think about it, Kefka is the only villain who successfully destroyed the world. Plus, he's not afraid to get his hands dirty! (He himself put the poison in the river to kill the entire village! Now that's dedication!)

I also enjoy FF VIII, mostly because of the battle system (I really enjoyed the draw system, to the point that I can keep drawing even though i'm asleep)

Playing through FF XIII right now, I think it's the most visually appealing so far (It is the first FF for the next gen so i'm not surprised)

There really isn't an ultimate best FF game in the world. It all depends on which generation and personal preference when it all comes down to it.

10yr ago
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10yr ago
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permalink My favorite Final Fantasy would be the FF-X, this game is so truely amazing and emotional, like I seriously almost cried at one point playing this game. Lol.
I was HIGHLY disappointed with X-2 though, I didn't even enjoy the class system or the fight style really, it was just little fun and you should NOT be able to beat a Final Fantasy in 1 day. >.>

10yr ago
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permalink FFX and FFX-2 are my favorite....but i like them all

10yr ago
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Quote by Lenix
My favorite Final Fantasy would be the FF-X, this game is so truely amazing and emotional, like I seriously almost cried at one point playing this game. Lol.
I was HIGHLY disappointed with X-2 though, I didn't even enjoy the class system or the fight style really, it was just little fun and you should NOT be able to beat a Final Fantasy in 1 day. >.>

after 6 years of hardcore FFX gaming...i can beat it in a day no problem now...

10yr ago
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permalink this is hard i cant choose
i love the Game play for Final Fantasy VII, i love the Story line of Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XI has the Best music for me of all time
I think if they did Final Fantasy VIII with the music frome XI and the grafics of VII then an epic win would be there (oh and just replace Rinoa and we're done lol )

9yr ago
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permalink I think they're all good in their own way ^-^
I really like X's plot though :RBhalo:
& most of VII's character's were cool :D
Can't wait for XIII Versus & Agito :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink the classics like Final Fantasy 7... any true final fantasy fan would agree

ff13 is not bad either

9yr ago
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permalink It's really hard to say because some games had a better story plot but crappy graphics. And then some games had really great graphics but was iffy on the story plot. And then other games had great characters but wasn't as great in the other areas....So let's see...

#1: Final fantasy 10: I'm putting this one first because I think it had at least fair everything. Graphics still hold up against other games even now, characters were stunning.The story line was a slight rip off of Tales Of Symphonia but for the most part good.It's also the only other game to have a sequel asides from Final Fantasy 7 which. I also think the gameplay for this one is the best.

#2: Final fantasy 8: Again I'm rating by the fact that ALL things (Story, graphic and characters) at least reach the "Fair" rating IMO. This one had stellar chracters with a VERY original story plot. Graphics could be better but I think they are still okay. Just not the best. They WERE the best released for their time I think.

#3: Final Fantasy 7: OOOOOOKAAAAAY! This one has probably the most original story plot in all of gaming history but, quite frankly, the graphics suck and I didn't like the characters as much as I did in othe Final Fantasies. HOWEVER this one is still cool enough to have it's own running series. Something the others don't have. That just goes to show you how amazing the story for this game really is. That multiple sequels can be made off of it.

#4: Final Fantasy 12: I put this one last because I didn't find the story too original or the characters as loveable as some of the others in this series. HOWEVER! Graphic wise I think it's the best so far. Also the world that they created for this one was just really amazing IMO. It was still a very playable game.

9yr ago
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permalink I will say the title goes to Final Fantasy VII!!! why~ cause it has the best storyline for me~ battling system aint as gud as 10 others but it is still awesome~ well u can say the graphic sux but then to me wat it matter the most is the plot~ and they came out with a movie and the sales was so damn freaking gud~ bside tat~ the character inside is interesting to me...CID with his aeroplane~ Yufi Kisagari with her shuriken and her cute acts all the times~ The holy majestic aeris~ Barret the gun man XD vincent valentine the Vamp!(thouh he is not a vamp haha but he has the vamp aura around him) the leapord or Dog... Nanaki a.k.a Red XIII then there is Cloud strife the handsome one with his big sword swinging around haha~~~ and the best is!!! they have Tifa the prettiest among all other female characters in FF! and she have a very special personality~ My angel~~~ FF VII roCKS! ^_^

9yr ago
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permalink By far Final Fantasy X was the best for me, mainly due to the voices really helped with skits that are supposed to be emotional of some sort. Played X-2, meh story wasn't good (Can't imagine Yuna being crazy).

P.S. I loved the Grid System!

9yr ago
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permalink I say final fantasy X was the best very very very good story line osm last boss took me forever to kill though but coming out with final fantasy X2 wasn't such a great idea...

9yr ago
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permalink i liked ffx2 but it was way to femenine.
it pretty much added closure to its prequal.

XIII is amazing though i borrowed it from my friend armando and never finished the last disc! T_T

9yr ago
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permalink ff10 and ff8

9yr ago
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permalink I feel as though I'm the only one that likes FFVIII

FFVIII is my fav of all time with it's story and such a great backdrop of a world. A school of students that become elite solders. Also the love story and the characters and the steampunk type world just makes me itch all over. I actually believe that this along with FFX has the most deeply developed characters. xD

9yr ago
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permalink FFX, hands down, is my most favourite Final Fantasy game. I grew really attached to the story, the characters, the music. It's nostalgic for me, too.

I wonder, what does everyone else think about FFXIII? I personally thought that the graphics were absolutely amazing, and the game play was a great innovation. Despite that, I honestly thought the story was ridiculous. Sure, it had some good aspects, but it could have been done so much better! I even dislike most of the characters, simply because I think they went too far with the whole deep and meaningful thing. I reckon that the deep and meaningful aspect should develop more subtly, rather than having the characters constantly telling the world about it, etc. Oh, how I miss when SQUARESOFT made these games. SQUARE ENIX is kind of bringing the games down.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.

9yr ago
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permalink I loved the graphics in FFXIII, but the plotline and characters from FFVII make it my favorite~ So original. Looking forward to FFXIII: Versus... ^^

9yr ago
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permalink ive browsed through a few posts but ... how come no one likes tactics?! :P

id say my top 3 are


>>> FF tactics

>>> FF X

too be honest now that i look at this list im not so sure myself XD i like FF XIII and FF x too XD a little dissappointed with the ending though ...

9yr ago
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permalink i'm going to sound extremely biased but my favorite of the '3Ds' is still FFVII, mainly 'cos it's probably one of those few games I actually FINISHED, and still have this weird feeling lingering about as if it's not over yet. Before the '3Ds' it would be FFVI. FFX is really good too - I still feel that the VGM plays a huge part in making a game really interesting and enjoyable to play! Can't comment much on anything above that 'cos I don't own a 3rd-gen console, but from a few walkthrough videos I watched on youtube, I think FFXIII has pretty much become completely out of place, and that goes the same for FFXII. FFXVI was hell of a disappointment I wished I didn't even buy it =w= (now I dont even know what to do with the game box!) And as much as being a HUGE fan of FFVII, I seriously hated Crisis Core >: FFVIII was completely ... meh for me. There's things I like in the game while there are also things I hated in the game which i shall not elaborate more 'cos it's going to be endless.

9yr ago
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permalink My top 5 would be:
1. Final Fantasy 8 (Great storyline, gameplay, characters especially Squall) <3
2. Final Fantasy 9 (Love all the characaters, except the queen. Lol.)
3. Final Fantasy 7 (Love all the characters too)
4. Final Fantasy Crisis Core (Zack & Aerith = Perfect & Cute)
5. Final Fantasy X (Most favourite character, Rikku!)
The rest followed by X-2 & Dissidia. (^__^)v

9yr ago
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permalink 1. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
2. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Judge me. I dare you. Hehe...

9yr ago
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permalink the best Final Fantasy for me is final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X

9yr ago
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permalink VIII, X, X-2 were good to me! But thats just my opinion!

9yr ago
3,503 jpops
permalink Definitely between VII and VIII. They need to remake VII soon, they just HAVE to.

8yr ago
2,730 jpops
permalink The only Final Fantasy game i've played is Crisis Core and i loved it! I think it will be hard for a game to be better for me :) The graphics and everything were amazing. But i want to play more FF.

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