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1decennia ago
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permalink Welcome to JpopAsia's Podcast!

Every mid-month we will be releasing a podcast for our fans to be in tune on JPA events, celebrity goss & entertainment news, music recommendations and many more ...

You may download the podcast via the links below.

Happy Listening! ^.^ V

[i]Feel free to give feedbacks on improvements or suggestions on what you'd like to hear more of.[/i]

Podcast 1 (August 2012) => click here

Podcast 2 (Sept 2012) => click here

Podcast 3 (Sept 2012) => click here

Podcast 4 (Oct 2012) => click here

Podcast 5 (Oct 2012) => click here

1decennia ago
592,565 jpops
permalink OK, we shall consider that. Thanks for your feedback :)

1decennia ago
78,741 jpops
permalink that wwas pretty awesome... but maybe if you could make the links a bit more easier to find...that would be nice..i mean like not having it hidden inside a topic inside a hugecategory... maybe a button up the top for it?

7yr ago
2,071,489 jpops
permalink This is not the place for posting those links. Don't spam.

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