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[Game] Pokemon!  

2decennia ago
12,113 jpops
permalink I'm a Pokemon nerd. I have almost all the games. On Pearl, I have about 8 level 100s and I'm working towards all lvl 100s and a complete Pokedex. Who has played Pokemon? (All you over-18s out there, don't sit there thinking "It's a kids' game!" My parents played Pokemon red and blue when my mother was pregnant with me!)

2decennia ago
659 jpops
permalink wahahah~! i'm a POKEMANIAC too! well i have a lots of games and movies~!

..uahahahah~! although i dont have he diamond and pearl because i cant afford to buy DS! T_T

..how sad~!

..anyway, i'm a super POKEMANIAC and i'm gonna CATCH 'EM ALL!


2decennia ago
12,113 jpops
permalink AWESOME! X3

My fav. Pokemon is Absol (dark-type)

8yr ago
27,445 jpops
permalink Best series <3 I;ve just started playing TCG again too

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