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Don't know the name of the song/artist of this song. Help!  

5yr ago
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permalink So here's my predicament... While I was gaming, I had some jpop playing in the background. A song came up that caught my attention, but I was already engaged in a fight in-game, so alt-tabbing was out of the question. Unfortunately, when I was done, I accidentally closed the web browser -- I set it so that YouTube wouldn't save my history and all browsing history was wiped each time I closed Firefox. So now I'm stuck with a song in my head without any labels (song name/artist name) and I'd REALLY like some help!

From what fragments I can remember...

- It definitely had a female vocalist
- Sounded like it was written late 90s - early 2000s
- Mostly electronic, no guitar or piano
- Sounded like it would be an opening to an anime
- Might fit an anime with a space/sci-fi theme

I've been searching for this song for the past few days with no dice. What familiar sounds I did discover were:

- The beginning kind of sounds like the first 3-4 seconds of Two-Mix's Just Communication


- The chorus was what caught my attention. Luckily, I remembered it quite clearly so I recorded a (very rough) sample of me trying to lah-dee-dah that part:


- The song's chorus sounded a lot like this:


I've been listening to thousands of possible anime openings (hoping it would be among them) and didn't find any matches. Perhaps it's an obscure title or maybe it wasn't used in an anime opening. I truly hope you guys can help me out. This tune is stuck in the back of my head and I can't for the life of me recall what it was!

5yr ago
525 jpops
permalink EDIT: Never mind. I found the song -- it was end game by fripSide.

5yr ago
824,433 jpops
permalink Since the song has been found, this topic will be locked.

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