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1decennia ago
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permalink Welcome to JpopAsia's Podcast!

Every mid-month we will be releasing a podcast for our fans to be in tune on JPA events, celebrity goss & entertainment news, music recommendations and many more ...

You may download the podcast via the links below.

Happy Listening! ^.^ V

[i]Feel free to give feedbacks on improvements or suggestions on what you'd like to hear more of.[/i]

Podcast 1 (August 2012) => click here

Podcast 2 (Sept 2012) => click here

Podcast 3 (Sept 2012) => click here

Podcast 4 (Oct 2012) => click here

Podcast 5 (Oct 2012) => click here

1decennia ago
592,565 jpops
permalink OK, we shall consider that. Thanks for your feedback :)

1decennia ago
78,741 jpops
permalink that wwas pretty awesome... but maybe if you could make the links a bit more easier to find...that would be nice..i mean like not having it hidden inside a topic inside a hugecategory... maybe a button up the top for it?

7yr ago
708,281 jpops
permalink From the best of my knowledge, the people doing the podcasts just aren't active anymore.

Unless we can find replacements, I don't think we'll have podcasts for quite a while.

7yr ago
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permalink Please do this quick survey for me!! Thank you~!

Link removed

7yr ago
2,071,474 jpops
permalink This is not the place for posting those links. Don't spam.

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