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best jrock cross dressers for you guys.  

9yr ago
16,308 jpops
permalink well,,lemme hear who you got :)

9yr ago
39,200 jpops
permalink Best jrock cross dresser for me is Rame. I thought he was a girl for the first year I listened to Vidoll xD

9yr ago
105,513 jpops
permalink Hizaki totally wins.. It took me two days to realize he was a guy

7yr ago
158 jpops
permalink http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mYIFvbXfIR0/Rz-cE2n-PBI/AAAAAAAAABg/w6KnGFhQ2Vs/s320/IZAM.jpg hard to say,because almost every crossdresser in vk is very cute/pretty and convincing but id say izam was very good,he had a very round female face with big eyes and full lips plus he wore rather light makeup in my opinion light makeup makes jrockers more convincing because it means they are naturally fem,however he is pretty masculine now mainly because he stopped crossdressing and doing visual kei in general T_T but even when he crosdresses in recent photos he looks obviously male XD ryohei from megamasso,hizaki,mashiro from paradeis are pretty convincing too. yohio was as well in his seremedy days.

6yr ago
323,114 jpops
permalink Hiyori from Kiryu
So cute :moved:

6yr ago
14,383 jpops
permalink The guitarist from the band "Jupiter" I forgot the name >.<

6yr ago
42,084 jpops
permalink Mana-sama, Hizaki, Sui (Megaromania), Hiyori

6yr ago
20,262 jpops
permalink Top the list is Hizaki (like yeah that woman is a guy)

6yr ago
323,114 jpops
permalink Yuuki from Lycaon is the most beautiful and Hiyori from Kiryu is the cutest :moved:

6yr ago
154,137 jpops
permalink My favorite is Hiyori from Kiryu

6yr ago
166 jpops
permalink Mana from Moi dix Mois and Hizaki from Versailles.

6yr ago
219 jpops
permalink Mana *_* <3 <3 <3

6yr ago
168 jpops
permalink Hizaki and Mana-sama are great. So is Kaya and Masahiro from his PaRADEiS days. But I'd have to say either Ryohei from Megamasso or any of the Bijo men vlossom guys take the cake.

6yr ago
600 jpops
permalink my favorite crossdresser is mana sama and toshiya and shinya from dir en grey but when it comes to being the most convincing id say ryohei from megamasso this dude has like 0 male features. http://i.pinger.pl/pgr344/52c054120014f5634d8f1e5d/ryohei3.jpg hizaki and hiryori from kiryu are very convincing too.

6yr ago
11,105 jpops
permalink Kayuu - v[Neu]

6yr ago
5,684 jpops
permalink Minpha-

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