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request JROCK songs for party  

6yr ago
3,289 jpops
permalink so imagine you go to a party on weekend, where theres only jrock songs, so you wanna go in the mood and maybe dance a little bit. im making a request for songs of that kind, to give u an examplehere are some:

lm.c - my favorite monster
the gazette - shadow II III V (i think i spellit right)
uchusentai noiz - cloud9
revlez - sweet night party
(wanna add some of girugamesh but i hadnt decided yet)

so people make recomedation so we can make a big list of party jrocks songs :D

6yr ago
831,918 jpops
permalink Mine gonna be UVERworld - REVERSI and Don't Think. Feel, also Baby Born and Go
The Kiddie - Critical Elevation,

6yr ago
3,289 jpops
permalink thanks for your share and yes, uverworld - go is a good one is forgot, i will look for those songs as well,any more ideas??

5yr ago
774 jpops
permalink High and Mighty Color - Eyes, Pain, Hate, You. All from the Swamp Man CD. Very cool CD.

5yr ago
325,885 jpops
permalink I would recommend:
Memeshikute and Dance My Generation by Golden Bomber
Five Starz by SuG
Ginger by exist†trace

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