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You know your a true author/writer when..  

8yr ago
4,747 jpops
permalink 1. Your failing your english class
2. Youve read to many books to count
3. You turn every exprience into a story or poetry
I cant think of anymore right now.

8yr ago
849 jpops
permalink So true XD

8yr ago
659 jpops
permalink your friends keep asking you about the rest of your novel

7yr ago
428 jpops
permalink when your imagination becomes your llife

7yr ago
14,759 jpops
permalink So true

7yr ago
14,759 jpops
permalink When you get writers block on a regular basis.

5yr ago
5,684 jpops
permalink When you finish and you get it published but still aren't satisfied and wished you could've made changes

When everything, even a salad, spur some crazy imagery.

5yr ago
83,145 jpops
permalink When you quote your story in real life

5yr ago
21,867 jpops
permalink When you start tearing up once your character manages to overcome a problem or show developing maturity

4yr ago
1,127 jpops
permalink ^ True. For me, it's when I'm writing and I just start sobbing and/or laughing at my characters, like I had no part in actually making it happen myself but that it just sort of..happened XD

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