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Everything… Lyrics
BY  Fly to the Sky
ALBUM  In My Dream

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Yeah, this is what it's about right here...
I'm leavin yo *ss for good... Uh, uh, breka it down, what

* You know... Everything has gone away. I don't want you on my mind
Soo mah neun nuh ae guh jit sohk ae duh ee sahng gyun dil soo up ssuh
Everything has gone away. I don't want you on my mind
Heu reu neun shi gahn sohk ae moh doo dah ji wuh buh ri goh shi puh
Moh reun chuk hah myuh ji nae wah ssuh ssuh
Nah ae gahm jung eul ae ssuh soom gi myun suh
Hahn chahm eul mit kko ee ssuht jji
Nae gah dah reum namja poom eul dduh nah dah shi doh rah ohn dah goh

* repeat

(Uhh) Why you always actin up love
Sleepin around with other n*ggas when you said they just friends
While I was out on the streets tryin to make us some cash
N*ggas told me you was givin up a piece of yo *ss
You make me sick, you thought you'd get away with yo games
You made me think that you was right and I was always to blame
And now I know that I made a wrong choice at start
Cause all I wanted was yo lovin but you broke my heart

Chuh eum boo tuh nahn ahl goh ee ssuh ssuh
Nuh ae mahl deul ee moh doo guh ji shi rahn guhl
Ee jaen moh doo dah kkeut nah ssuh
Nae gah dah reun moh seup euh roh nah reul dae hahn geu soon gahn boo tuh

* repeat

Uhn jaen gah nae gae mahl haet jji
Hahng sahng nuh wah hahm kkae hahn dah goh
Ee jae wah uh dduhn byun myung eul hae doh
Dwae dohl lil soo neun up ssuh...

(Uh what) You think you smooth with them tricks you pulled
That sh*t don't get by me cause I be wiser see
I was blind at first but now I see it through
All you wanted was my money, not my love for you
I bought you Gucci links, Versace gear, and so more
But most of all I gave you lovin, but you walked out the door
I ain't stressin over sh*t, it's all good for me
Should've known you was a ho the way you got on yo knees (WHAT)

* repeat

Everything has gone away..

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