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Okuru Kotoba (送る言葉) Lyrics
ALBUM  Okuru Kotoba

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Added by: meerclyne67

Kure na zumu machi no hikari to kage no naka
Sari yuku anata e okuru kotoba

Kure na zumu machi no hikari to kage no naka
Sari yuku anata e okuru kotoba

Kanashimi koraete hohoemu yori mo
Namida ka rerumade naku hou ga ii
Hito wa kanashimi ga ooi hodo
Hito ni wa yasashiku dekiru no dakara

Sayonara dake de wa sabishi sugiru kara
Aisuru anata e okuru kotoba

Yuugure no kaze ni togireta keredo
Owari made kiite okuru kotoba

Shinjirarenu to nageku yori mo
Hito wo shinjite kizutsuku hou ga ii
Motomenai de yasashisa nanka
Okubyoumono no iiwake dakara

Hajimete aishita anata no tameni
Kazari motsukezu ni okuru kotoba

Korekara hajimaru kurashi no naka de
Dareka ga anata wo aisuru deshou
Dakedo watashi hodo anata no koto wo
Fukaku aishita [yatsu] wa inai

Toozakaru kage ga hitogomi ni kieta
Mou todokanai okuru kotoba

Mou todokanai okuru kotoba

Mou todokanai okuru kotoba

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Added by: jomarjerome

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I always feel, these feelings

With just a little piling up of time, we became adults?
With mere determination, I through believing in only myself but
To my immaturity that can lose things that are important extremely easily
I was disgusted, with no means of building up, i was at a loss

But why is it that I stand in the depths of the gloomy night, and yet it's so warm
A certain light from the person I love, is now, uplifting me

Thank you from the bottom by heart
Without being able to endure the feelings that fill me up
The one who is projected in the overflowed tears of mine, is you

The small amount of time we have remaining in this ceaseless time
The life we have today, how importantly will we think of it

Merely in this way, through these days, with the support of countless people
Feeling the happiness of living, I'm in so much joy

The emptiness of eternity
Before you grieve about it, surely there are things you can do
I stopped postponing
The moment we call "Now"

"There's no other way anymore!" Find a way to part way with that kind of thinking
Jumping of the balcony alone
The moon light I suddenly gazed up at is tender
It was always watching over me

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
The feelings that fill me up, having them as the truth
With the shed tears, and that smile, never parting with them again

I want to convey to you, those feelings


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