New TV Show for "KoyaShige"

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New TV Show for
NEWS' Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeaki, also known as "KoyaShige" will hosts NTV's newest show called "Mirai Theater". Hatori Shinichi will also join them as host.

Mirai Theater or Future Theater is a documentary show where the hosts will go in-depth regarding lives of different people who tries to change the world without fear of failure or criticisms. The hosts will review past interviews or footage about the person's life.

During the press conference last Mar 22nd, Hatori Shinichi talked that he hit it off well with his two new companions. He revealed that the first episode will be about the big change that happened with Koyama and Kato's group- NEWS.

Koyama said that he felt comfortable talking about what happened with NEWS since Hatori knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere where guest can share their feelings. Kato also added that Hatori is good in dealing with gossips and scandals and hopes that he and Koyama can find something scandalous about Hatori's life.

Lastly, Kato hopes that Mirai Theater will inspire people to be motivated and look positively in life.

Mirai Theater will start on April 6th at Nihon TV.
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