Johnny's Jr Baseball Tournament Attracts 45,000 Fans

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Johnny's Jr Baseball Tournament Attracts 45,000 Fans
Hey!Say!JUMP, Kis-My-Ft2, NYC, and Sexy Zone were among the 200 Johnny's talents who participated in Johnny's Baseball Tournament last Mar 18th in Tokyo Dome.

The groups were divided into two: J-Red Team lead by Captain Chinen Yuri (Hey!Say!JUMP) and J-White Team lead by Captain Ryosuke Yamada (Hey!Say!JUMP). The game kicks-off with fellow Johnny's talents: Kamenashi Kazuya (pitcher), Koki Tanaka (catcher), and Hideaki Takizawa (batter) threw the starting pitch before resuming with their commentator duties.

In the end, the baseball tournament and relay games was won by the J-Red Team while the soccer and marathon tournaments was won by J-White Team. After scores has been tallied, the J-Red Team was proclaimed the overall winner with Chinen Yuri being named as the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Other individual awardee are: Nakayama Yuma (NYC) for Baseball, Hiromitsu Kitayama (Kis-My-Ft2) for soccer, Shori Sato (Sexy Zone) for the marathon, and Kento Nakajima (Sexy Zone) for the relay.

Afterwards, Johnny's talents like Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C-Z, Sexy Zone, NYC, Hey!Say!JUMP, and Kansai Juniors did a live performance. During the live performances, Yamashita Tomohisa and Hiroki Uchi made a guest appearance and sang as well.

Lastly, all of the Johnny's talents sang Yuuki 100% to end the night.

Some of the game's highlights and performances:


[ytid=BeSaxiczfLI][yttitle]2012.3.19 野球-1(6:53~)[/yttitle][ytcontent][/ytcontent]

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