AKB48's Nationwide Concert Titled "Nonaka Misato, Ugoku"

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AKB48's Nationwide Concert Titled
AKB48's founder- Akimoto Yasushi- posted on his Google+ account last night that he has decided to name the upcoming AKB48's concert for Nonaka Misato.

The nationwide concert will be called, "Nonaka Misato, Ugoku. ~47 Todoufuken de Aimashou~", which literally translates to "Nonaka Misato In Action. Let's Meet at the 47 Prefectures." The concert dates and venue is yet to be announced.

Below is Akimoto Yasushi's translated post on his Google+ account on why he has chosen Nonaka Misato:

Even after we started google+, I have been fascinated by Nonaka's unambitiousness.
AKB48 is just like a class in school.
It would be nice to have all kinds of personalities.
Since we're going to all of the 47 Prefectures, I want to show everyone a different AKB48, one that is different than on TV or in magazines.
"Who is Nonaka Misato?"
"Is she in AKB?"
That's the kind of interest I want to generate.
And of course, "I didn't know AKB had girls this pretty?"
"AKB really has all sorts of girls."
I would love for people to actually go to the concerts and find out for themselves.
I am going to start a "I am Nonaka Misato" campaign, and would like to ask the relevant staff to help me out.
Let's get on with the gravure shoot.

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