[Single Review] supercell's "Kokuhaku/Bokura no Ashiato"

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[Single Review] supercell's
One of my current favorite mainstream music composers in Japan is definitely ryo from supercell. He formed the group supercell back in 2007 when he was uploading music he wrote himself to Nico Nico Douga (famous Japanese video site similar to YouTube). He used Hatsune Miku for vocals and might I add that Hatsune Miku’s current popularity was partly due to supercell. The group enjoyed mainstream success after getting a vocalist by the name of Nagi. But by the end of 2011, Nagi left the group and two vocalist joined supercell. Before anyone goes whining how much he or she misses Nagi, she has her own solo career by the name of Nagi Yanagi with an album in the horizon. The currently airing anime Guilty Crown has theme songs done by supercell. Koeda is the current vocalist for supercell and Chelly will be the vocalist for EGOIST, a fictional band from the anime.

Kokuhaku / Bokura no Ashiato by supercell was released on March 7th. The two A-sides were both used in an anime. Koeda sang all the songs in the album and also supercell’s second single with her as the vocalist. Thankfully supercell’s music really shines in the awkward story and character development of Guilty Crown. But is this single better than My Dearest?

Type A Tracklist:
1. Kokuhaku (告白)
2. Bokura no Ashiato (僕らのあしあと)
3. Kare (カレ)
4. Kokuhaku (告白) (TV Edit)
5. Kokuhaku (告白) -Instrumental-
6. Kare (カレ) -Instrumental-
7. Kokuhaku (告白) (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

Type B Tracklist:
1. Bokura no Ashiato (僕らのあしあと)
2. Kokuhaku (告白)
3. Kare (カレ)
4. Bokura no Ashiato (僕らのあしあと) (TV Edit)
5. Bokura no Ashiato (僕らのあしあと) -Instrumental-
6. Kare (カレ) -Instrumental-
7. Bokura no Ashiato (僕らのあしあと) (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

When Koeda sang “My Dearest” in the previous single, it was used as the opening theme. “Kokuhaku” is the current ending theme to Guilty Crown and it is definitely a great song. The awesome keyboard that you can find in almost all supercell’s music make this another wonderful supercell song. The build up to the chorus is nice and something that’s really common in anime themes. The song starts slow and then moderately builds up to the bridge with guitars and drums; pretty epic. “Bokura no Ashiato” is the current ending theme for Black Rock Shooter. This song was a bit on the boring side but I could see Black Rock Shooter fans enjoying it. The song is 7 minutes long, but it was still a nice listen. It really showcased Koeda’s vocals and range. “Kare” surprised me quite a bit. It’s not something new when supercell uses Engrish in the lyrics. Their previous B-side “LOVE & ROLL” really stood out to me when I heard “Kare” The similar happy pop tune somehow fits Koeda’s thick voice. Yet, this song is surprisingly enjoyable to the point where I felt it’s as good as “Kokuhaku”

[ytid=JvBOqhOFguI][yttitle]「YamiSora-Vs」ギルティクラウン ED 2/Guilty Crown Ending 2 - Supercell, "告白/Kokuhaku"[/yttitle][ytcontent]song: 告白/Kokuhakusinger: Supercellanime TV: ギルティクラウン/Guilty CrownSub team : Yami-sora[/ytcontent]

Closing Remarks:
A lot of people felt it hard to accept that Nagi left supercell. However, I really enjoyed the way they are advancing in their music. With a new vocalist, their music changes; yet interestingly it still retains some of the supercell-ness. There are also people who don’t like Koeda’s voice. Maybe it’s just me but her voice is similar to Shiina Ringo. I can easily accept the voice because the music ryo composes is just so great. The songs in this single were all really good and a perfect fit for their respective anime ending themes.

Rating: 4.5/5 ☆☆☆☆★
(+) “Kokuhaku” is an awesome song and “Kare” is cute
(+) supercell’s originality is still here
(+) All the songs were well composed and sound good
(+) ryo composition is so beautiful
(-) Found “Bokura no Ashiato” a bit boring


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