YOHIO Films Music Video for "SKY☆LIMIT"

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YOHIO Films Music Video for
Swedish-born artist YOHIO is quickly breaking into the Japanese visual kei scene. Taking a break from his duty as lead guitarist of Swedish band Seremedy, the 16-year-old recently recorded for his “SKY ☆LIMIT” music video, which is the lead track from his Japanese solo debut mini-album “REACH the SKY”.

The story behind the “SKY☆LIMIT” video was all YOHIO's idea. In the video, YOHIO expresses two different outlooks by playing a girl with a colorful pop image and a boy with a futuristic style.

On the day of filming, YOHIO arrived at the studio early in the morning. As always, YOHIO brought his pig balloon named Buta-sama (Mr. Pig) to the set. The girl version was shot first. In these scenes YOHIO plays the guitar on a colorful set that used computer generated images. After a break in the afternoon, the crew moved to a different studio and shot the boy version. YOHIO made sure to take Buta-sama along with him.

During breaks YOHIO took to Twitter and posted several pictures of Buta-sama. At 8 in the evening, the staff and crew gave a final round of applause as shooting came to an end.

The PV for “SKY☆LIMIT” is expected to be completed in late March.
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