NEGA Announced Release of Their New Album

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NEGA Announced Release of Their New Album
Visual Kei band NEGA will release their 2nd full album “VANITAS” on May 30th. It comes in two types: Type A includes 13 tracks and the PV for their song “Munashiki “Sei” no Guui ≒ “Shi” no Shinni”. Typ B is CD-only but comes with the bonus track “REASONANCE”. The track list isn’t available yet but it was announced that the album includes the songs “FABLE IN THE COLD BED”, “DELUGE” and the postponed song “tamerau kotonaku ” ” wo kizutsuketa yubisaki wa, michi madou kotonaku kegareta ” ” wo kazaru”.

If you order the album from the Undercode Production Web Shop you’ll also get a special DVD including a message from the band and the making of for their PV “Sei” no Guui ≒ “Shi” no Shinni”.

And there are more additional items for those who buy the album and go to their 7th anniversary concert on July 26th! You'll receive a CD with the song “MMFP” which is not included in the album and the special booklet “OMNIA VANITAS”.
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