Jay Chou Won't Be Invited To "The Viral Factor" Sequel

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Jay Chou Won't Be Invited To
Despite the box office success Jay Chou has helped bring in his latest movie "The Viral Factor", it is rumored that the singer will not be invited to return for the movie's sequel.

According to reports, the movie's production company feels like Jay's martial arts skills were not good enough for the action series' demanding choreography. It sometimes took many takes before getting a usable shot.

Jay is also said to have been difficult to work with on set. He reportedly was more concerned about his looks on film than doing good work. He also would ask for stunt doubles to take over during tiring fight scenes.

Investors are said to be looking into casting Donnie Yen or Andy Lau to fill Jay's role.

While Jay may not be invited to act in the sequel of "The Viral Factor", he has already stated that he will not do any other action films.
Source: jpopasia.com
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