B'z New Single to be Title Song for Pepsi Nex Commercial

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B'z New Single to be Title Song for Pepsi Nex Commercial
Next week the new commercial for Pepsi Nex will go on air. It features the song “Tshirts live” by the rock duo B’z. But there is more! Their 50th single “GO FOR IT, BABY – Kioku no Sanmyaku” will be released on April 4th and it will be the title song for the next Pepsi Nex commercial.

The limited version contains the PV for “GO FOR IT, BABY – kioku no sanmyaku” and three songs from the “PEPSI NEX presents B'z 1 DAY LIVE” performance held on September 28th, 2011.

You can check out the “Tshirts live”-commercial and making of on their official Youtube channel:

[ytid=wxyw6AWOeog][yttitle]B'z / pepsi NEX TVCM Tshirts Live篇(30sec)[/yttitle][ytcontent]ペプシネックスTVCM Tshirts Live篇(30sec)B'z Official Websitehttp://bz-vermillion.com/[/ytcontent]

[ytid=3YpB8TjeMWg][yttitle]B'z / pepsi NEX TVCM Tshirts Live篇 MAKING[/yttitle][ytcontent]ペプシネックスTVCM Tshirts Live篇 MAKINGB'z Official Websitehttp://bz-vermillion.com/[/ytcontent]
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