BUMP OF CHICKEN Starts Ticket Sales for Tour

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BUMP OF CHICKEN Starts Ticket Sales for Tour
Popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN will go on their "GOLD GLIDER TOUR" which it has been 4 years since their last all Japan tour. Tickets for the 24th and 25th of April at the Osaka Jo Hall will be on sale until the 28th (till 11:59PM). Tickets on May 3rd and May 6th at the Ishikawaken Sangyouten Jikan and Niigata Convention Center will be sold until the 26th (till 6PM).

BUMP OF CHICKEN last month released their single "Good Luck" on the 18th and this single was also used as the theme song for the movie ALWAYS Sanchoume no Yuuhi'64 . It has also been a hot topic that the profits from the single ( 69,627,833 Yen) "Smile" have been donated the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Both standing and sitting tickets are reserved and are selling for 6,500 Yen. (No preschoolers allowed. Elementary school kids require a ticket.)

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