Last Release and One Man Live for NEXX

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Last Release and One Man Live for NEXX
After releasing their first full album “cap:cell” last November the Visual Kei band NEXX announced their disbanding. They didn’t give specific reasons for their decision but after discussing a lot they came to the conclusion to disband. Their last live titled ““cap:cell” buried towards the epilogue” will be held on March 4th at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE.

Furthermore they announced the release of a 2 CD set which will be sold at their last live and is limited to 200 copies! It contains the PV for “Meteorite Ark” and the unreleased song “BBG” and costs 2500 Yen.

Yesterday the band updated their youtube channel with a preview of their single “Meteorite Ark”:

[ytid=MWv2kz_XD4A][yttitle]NEXX Meteorite Ark PV SPOT[/yttitle][ytcontent]NEXX Meteorite Ark PV2012.03/04 LAST ONE MAN LIVE池袋Black Hole 会場にてLAST SINGLE"BBG"とセット販売NXCD-004 ¥2,500(tax-in) 200枚限定NEXX OFFICIAL WEB SI...[/ytcontent]

NEXX started as session band on December 19th in 2009 and released 4 singles and one full album.
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