New Unit Rika Ishikawa X Hitomi Yoshizawa Sings Anime OP

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New Unit Rika Ishikawa X Hitomi Yoshizawa Sings Anime OP
Former member of Morning Musume, Rika Ishikawa, now apart of Dream Morning Musume will be pairing up with Hitomi Yoshizawa this spring to create a new unit and song for an anime. The anime Sengoku Collection will begin on April 5th and the new unit will provide the opening of the anime.

With Sengoku Collection being such a success as a social game by KONAMI bringing in about 2,80,000 players (up to 2/15), they decided to turn it into an anime. The character designs will be updated, and the story line will be flexible to the online world.

The new unit's title as well as song will be announced later and will run differently than the HANGRY&ANGRY-f unit. The ending theme was announced that it will be by the new Sweety unit consisting of Yui Hasegawa, Aya Takenouchi and Rikatomo Takagi.
Sweety are famous for being on NICO NICO as popular female vocaloid creators.


Prior to the release of the anime, on March 23rd a new program called Oto Izumi will air on the internet radio as well as a anime fair which will be held on the 25th. Also from April, the anime will also be dualy released as an manga in the Weekly Shounen Sunday as further promotion.


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