Tokyo Jihen Appears For Last Time At "EMI ROCKS 2012"

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Tokyo Jihen Appears For Last Time At
EMI Music Japan celebrated their establishment of 50 years with their "EMI ROCKS 2012" rock festival on the 19th. The festival was also attended by the singer/songwriter Ringo Shiina who heads the band Tokyo Jihen which will disband on the 29th. It will be the last event that they will perform as a band.

Shiina who appeared with pink Afro hair on stage enthusiastically commented, "I am very happy to be able to see everyone today". The rock festival was also had MIYAVI's secret guest H ZETT M appeared which is an original member of Tokyo Jihen. Again, the Tokyo Jihen are on their final Tokyo Jihen Live Tour 2012 Domestique Bon Voyage tour and it will end at the Nippon Budoukan where they will disband after their performance.

 Other bands that were apart of EMI ROCKS 2012 are as follows: Akai Kouen, ACIDMAN9mm Parabellum Bullet, Sei Ryuhito, The SALOVERS, James Ih, STRAIGHTENER, the telephones, Base Ball Bear, MIYAVI, Kazuya Yoshii, Minoru Katahira.

At the end all bands that participated in the event sang the Beatle's song "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" ending the 9 hour rock festival.

Check out pictures of the rock festival below:
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