JpopAsia's Valentine's Day Playlist

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JpopAsia's Valentine's Day Playlist
Valentine's Day is a day set aside to celebrate love. So, it really doesn't matter whether you're in a relationship or not, the JpopAsia crew members have prepared a playlist to help you celebrate love in all its forms. You'll find 17 videos in the playlist, complete with a brief reason why we think that they're perfect for Valentine's Day.

Ailee - Heaven feat. Gi Kwang : video
Few songs touch on your heartstrings as much as this song does. Love is equally as much about staying as it is about letting go, something this MV shows clearly. Touching lyrics coupled with amazing vocal abilities by Ailee leaves you feeling like you're in “Heaven”.

Oranje. - I Love You : video
Feel like you can't make up your mind about a certain someone? Listen to “I Love You” by Oranje. and figure out which course of action is most appealing. The song's hook gets stuck in your head and you'll probably be humming along with it even after your last listen. Just make sure you're not singing it in front of your certain someone, unless you want to of course.

Sambomaster – Kimi ni Kirei no Kizuite Okure : video
Got a stubborn Valentine that just doesn’t realize how beautiful they are? Sambomaster’s funky pop/rock hit “Kimi ni Kirei no Kizuite Okure” is the perfect way of telling that special someone how much they really mean to you.

Shota Shimizu – YOU&I : video
Shota Shimizu’s “YOU&I” is perfect for the two love birds that have to be apart on Valentine’s Day, but know that love knows no distance.

moumoon – Chu Chu : video
moumoon’s “Chu Chu” goes out to all the guys and gals who are too shy to tell that special someone how they feel. Well… what are you waiting for? “♫You gotta come on, look at them. You wanna kiss, kiss their lips♫”

Kana Nishino – Distance : video
For anyone that’s been going crazy thinking about someone this Valentine’s Day, but just can’t tell them how they felt, Kana Nishino’s “Distance” is the song for you.

LGMonkees - 3090 ~Ai no Uta~ : video
Heart-warming song about how important your family is: parents, loved one and your little baby - "3090 gramm angel". Valentine's Day isn't all about the couples; it's about love in general - towards your family, your friends. LGMonkee's emotional performance underlines just how vital it is to cherish all the moments you share with your family.

Mayday – Wo You Chu Lian Le (Another First Love) : video
The boys from Mayday swear not to fall in love ever again, hence they always end up with broken hearts, but oh no! What is this familiar feeling? Quirky, playful, romantic! Perfect for Valentine's!

Mai Fukui - Ai no Uta : video
Not every love lasts forever. At times when you can't grasp it, think of those precious moments spent together. Touching and moving, “Ai no Uta” by Mai Fukui makes you realise how sometimes all you need to be happy is to quietly stand next to the person you love.

AKB48 - Heavy Rotation : video
“I want you! I need you! I love you!”. In a relationship or not, AKB48 will spend Valentine’s Day with you! They want you in their hearts and minds like a song on heavy rotation. “24 hours a day, I am only requesting you!”

Ken Hirai - Boku wa Kimi ni Koi wo Suru : video
A slightly mellow and sad love song for Valentine’s Day but hey, we sometimes need those right? The song name roughly translates to “I Fall In Love With You” and Ken Hirai will still fall in love with you time after time.

Lee Hom Wang - Forever Love : video
Just the song title alone screams Valentine's Day, don't you think? Lee Hom Wang's "Forever Love" is song that describes what a lot of people yearn for - a love that will transcend time. It's a bit on the cheesy side, but it's cheesy goodness!

Khalil Fong - Not Easy : video
True love's not easy to come by, so when it does come a' knocking on your heart's door, Khalil Fong wants you to seize and cherish it. Time to let Khalil serenade you this Valentine's with his lovely vocals and this equally lovely song.

Jay Chou – Mine Mine : video
Talented as always, Jay Chou flawlessly does what he does best with displays of singing and dancing in this video. This time round, Jay adopts a more reserved, mellow sounding and medium-tempo based ballad. “Mine Mine” encompasses virtually everything that expresses the classic Jay ‘feel’, from the tempo to the use of instruments and the lyrical composition.

Monkey Majik - Together : video
Just like a magic spell, this song will bring sweet happiness into your special day, together with your loved one.

GReeeeN - Koibumi ~Love Letter~ : video
GReeeeN as always knows how to write love songs with touching lyrics. The video portraits a young doctor who fell in love with his patient. As the title implies, the song is about the love letter one received from his/her partner.

Utada Hikaru - Automatic : video
Throughout her career, Utada Hikaru has released many songs with love as its theme. However, the singer's classic song "Automatic", released in 1998 as her first official single, remains the perfect song to play for that special someone in your life. With lyrics about your love for someone being uncontrollable and instant and its smooth R'n'B flow to highlight the emotional deliverance of the song, "Automatic" automatically belongs on any list about love.

GD&TOP - Baby Good Night : video
Not sure how to end your Valentine's Day? Let G-Dragon & Top help you and your special someone unwind from your day of romance, with "Baby Good Night".

KAT-TUN - Bokura No Machi De : video
Bokura No Machi De (In Our Town) is the opening/ending song of Jdorama "Tatta No Hitotsu Koi" where Kameneshi and Koki both starred with Ayase Haruka and Erika Toda. The song talks about their friendship and achieving their dreams amidst all obstacles.

We have also prepared a video with some previews of the videos mentioned above in case you don't want to check out all the songs.

Watch the video!

Thanks for reading and we wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day!
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